Have a Bite of Special Sweets

Sweets are very innovative in every country. In Pakistan there are some delicious sweets available which one will definitely want to try at least once in their life. Once they are tasted, one can never forget them in their lifetime. These are the delectable sweet dishes which are worth try.

In Pakistan, not a single happy occasion is complete without taking a bite of sweet. Occasions like Eid, or marriage ceremonies or any happy one; there has to be a delicious bite of welcome sweets or sweets at the end of the food menu. For mithai delivery in Islamabad, one can order online

Special Sweets

Now, one should definitely know about the best and popular sweets of this country.


this is a very popular sweet of this country. One cannot miss Barfi if there is a happy moment in life. In fact making barfi is also a very easy thing. This sweet is mainly made from sugar and condensed milk. They are put together in a pan and then it is heated until the mixture of both gets solidified. Then they are left for cooling. Once the solid mixture cools down, they are cut into different shapes and sizes according to the will of the maker. If interested, one can add flavours like vanilla and chocolate to the barfi mixture. To make it even better, one can also add dry fruits, chocolate crumbs and other delicious things into it and then enjoy them.

Gulab Jamun:

this sweet is also a very delicious one and though it is found in every corner of the world, but here it tastes always special. These are mainly balls which are waffle shaped and they are deeply fired in hot oil. After fry, they are dipped into sugar syrup at least for an hour until the sugar is soaked into the balls. Then they are served either hot or kept in a freezer to cool down before serving.

Besan Laddoo:

this special sweet of Pakistan is mainly made from gram flour, locally which is also known as ‘besan’ and the name of the sweet comes from there only. This besan and sugar are roasted together and then they are moulded into round shapes and they are hard ones. This is a particular sweet which one can munch anytime of the day even if there is no ocassion.


this is the most popular sweet of the country. In fact its popularity can be found even outside the country as well. Here, this sweet is very special and is a must during the time of Ramadan. The main ingredients needed for this are flour and curd. They are mixed together into a very smooth batter and then this batter is poured in a cloth bag which has a pore at the centre of it. The batter is then poured in the oil in form of coils and then deeply fried. These fried coils are then dipped in thick sugar syrup before serving.

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