Guide for Safety in Train Journeys

If you find it challenging to travel alone then you should definitely opt for train journeys. No matter you are a man, woman or a child; you would find trains safer than any other mean of travelling in India.  Of course, there are always things that you should keep in mind so as to make your journeys effective, fruitful, safe and comfortable.

Since the Indian railways have become really passengers oriented, you can find different facilities providing comfort and ease of access. For example, you can easily get to know about your seat availability; you can do online food order in train and even track the train. However, following are one of the ways that you can make your train journeys absolutely safe.

Avoid sharing your personal information

If you are a person fond of sharing your personal information with others then you need to be careful in trains. You must not share anything that has a direct or indirect link with your personal lifestyle. You should not share your information with other people traveling with you. Of course, you can talk about all other areas and general stuff but don’t get into personal talks. Similarly, if you are a person who does not talk to other passengers in the train, then too you have to be watchful.  Of course, sometimes people unknowingly talk to their family members and friends on call. They speak quite loud that is clear for others to listen.  You might be occupied in sharing your information with your beloved ones on phone but don’t forget that you are sitting in the train amidst other passengers. So, make sure that you are not talking any personal or professional thing even on phone while you are in a train.

Cover your Shoulder Bag

When you travel in trains, you can make sure that the bag on your back is not easily reachable to others. You have to cover your bag so that nobody creeps inside your bag.  Just imagine you are about to step in the train and the passenger behind you steals something from your bag pocket? Of course, you would have no clue and your things would be vanished from your bag. But remember if you are covering your bag with a bag cover, nobody would able to reach out to the zips and pockets in your bag.

Keep Your Face neutral

Now there are always those silly people at the public platforms who try to flirt with you or tease you. If you are a woman, it would be good if you keep your face expression neutral. Often when you talk to people or look at other passengers, you might be thinking about your own life and people but your face would wear that cheery expression. Make sure that you are controlling your face expression in p [public platforms. it is not about you, it is about the silly people that might be looking at you.  After all, you won’t feel comfortable if someone gets interested by your expression and start gazing at you? The same thing applies to men too. Of course, even men should try to be neutral when they are surrounded by crowd.

Thus, it is time that you think about these things when you travel. Trains would be ideal to travel in India for anyone!

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