Grab the best quality Air Purifier for your Home and Car

Air Purifier

We do realize with each passing day how important it is to breathe in fresh air for a healthy life. Just like other essentials such as food and water, fresh air is a necessity and we cannot live without it. With the increasing concern for air pollution especially in the metropolitan cities that have almost got us into real troubles, the need for the hour is to at least try and keep our indoors fresh and airy which is so important for our health and well-being.

Just like most health-conscious people, I am extremely finicky about health and hygiene indoors as well as outdoors. Although there is hardly anything I could do about the external environment, yet there is something I can do about maintaining fresh air indoors. I always believed that the quality of air that we breathe in at home should be perfectly pure and so I have always made it a point to get the best quality air purifier not only for my home but also for my car. This would make me feel safe and at peace whether I am at home or traveling in my car. I have tried most of the brands of air purifiers available in the market but the one that caught my attention was the Elofic Air Purifiers

Why Elofic Air Purifier?

  • Elofic Industries is globally recognized as well as a certified company with more than six hundred skilled professionals catering to the country’s air purification requirements.
  • They are India’s only independent air, fuel, oil, and hydraulic filter manufacturer. They manufacture around 85 million filters each year and also export around one-third of it to the international market. 
  • They have several decades of expertise in the filtration industry and have established themselves as the most reliable automotive filter manufacturing company in India.
  • They manufacture whole-house air purifiers for every type of home, office, public place, and car.
  • The brand uses a 6-layer filtration technology for ensuring that your indoor air is completely free from all kinds of allergen, pollutants, and toxic substances.

Previously when I had no clue about such technology to keep and maintain fresh air at home, I was becoming more and more concerned about my family’s health and well-being. I did not know what to do and how to elevate the homely environment. Soon after one day, while having a casual conversation with one of my colleagues, I came to know about the Elofic Air Purifiers and her experience with the product. She recommended me and ensured that all my worries will surely be gone with the Elofic brand and its best small air Purifier. Later, I log on to the official website and read about all the existing products of Elofic Air Purifiers. In the official website, I came to know that there are several models of Elofic Air Purifiers, such as,

  • Elofic Gavi
  • Elofic Gavi Plus
  • Elofic Kinnaur
  • Elofic Whitehorse
  • Elofic Raahe Car Air Purifier.

When I bought and started using Elofic Whitehorse for my home, I was highly impressed with the result and felt quite satisfied with the purchase. Some of the features of the product are mentioned below:

  • With an increased CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), the product purifies indoors with six-level of an advanced purification technique.
  • This Elofic Whitehorse involves topmost air purifiers system and highly suited for clinics, hospitals, conference halls, classrooms, and banquet.
  • Whitehorse comprises of a sleep mode function which offers sound-free and efficient working.
  • It is also has a built-in ionic purification mechanism that keeps the environment safe and free from all harmful toxins.

Often, shopping for the best quality and the right air purifier can be quite frustrating as well as confusing. So, just like me, if you feel that there is something to be done to restore health and comfort for you and your family, then this is the chance to do so. Trust me I have tried all those products available in the market to solve my purpose, but could not find one until I came across Elofic Air Purifier

From my personal experience, I can say that this is the best small air purifier for home and car in India. Elofic products are meant for household, indoor areas, official space, and car. Also as per the brand, it aims at building a cleaner as well as a healthier world for every individual. The different models of Elofic Air Purifiers are specially designed to serve multi-purposes for varied spaces. Not only as a whole house air purifier, but the Elofic brand is also the best small Air Purifier for cars that are also best suited to be used as car purifiers. 

As the brand is a highly trusted one for providing us with cleaner and fresher air for a healthy life, it is time to switch to something more eco-friendly, affordable, as well as durable air purifiers for home and car.