Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL: The Upcoming Beast Smartphone

October 2017, Google launched the Pixel 2 and XL following the launch of the first Pixel smartphone, and now both smartphones are just doing fine in the market. But they couldn’t bring a kick to the market, and now the sales of both the devices are even going down, maybe people are ready to wait for the next Google Pixel 3 and Xl.

Talking about the present generation Pixel smartphone both of the smartphones are very pleasant to touch and can boast of good quality of performance. Google did the reverse side of the difference, and this markedly changed tactile sensations. Black Pixel 2 XL is a bit rougher and shorter, the light color version seems smoother. Pixel 2 on the front side has a polished frame, that is, the edges are more pronounced, and in the XL versions, the edges are rounded, who prefers something is a matter of taste. Indeed, Pixel 2 XL is more modern by looks, although it does not reach the level of the radicality of the iPhone X. So, now you may have understood what we are comparing. We really wish Google Pixel 3, and 3 XL should feature interesting design comparable to the present generation iPhone X or iPhone X 2018.

Despite its size, Pixel 2 XL in hand is quite good, since the fingerprint scanner is located on the back under the camera, it seems to us quite convenient for the finger to reach it without problems. It works quickly and reliably. The performance of the device is also excellent since Google equips its reference for Android 8 smartphones with top equipment. Inside the aluminum Unibody-case, a lightning fast Snapdragon 835 processor with eight cores is running. During the tests, in the relevant practical scenarios, the benchmarks Pixel 2 (XL) were about as fast as other models with this “system on the chip.” The Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL will be running the fastest chip of 2018, yes we are referring to the Snapdragon 845.

If you want Pixel 3 to has a longer battery life, well, the present generation Pixel 2 battery life is good and is approximately at the Samsung Galaxy S8 level. During the tests in the “online” mode Pixel 2 XL with the activated (but slightly muffled) display lasted good 10 hours 12 minutes, the model of smaller sizes – 9 hours 56 minutes. All this is decent result, which in the usual situation will provide users with a full day of work without recharging.

Excellent duration of battery life Google Pixel 2 is beatable by iPhone, for example, iPhone 8 can work out “in one breath” for 1.5 hours longer. Despite the fact that Google includes a “fast” power supply, the duration of the charging process could be more modest. However, if little more improvements in the battery section, Google manages to achieve, then Google Pixel 3 will be one of the best battery life smartphones.

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