Free Shipping For eCommerce Retailers: Way and Tips to Implement

free shipping

Many retailers constantly look for ways to stay competitive with the likes of Amazon and other eCommerce giants. But offering incentives like free shipping and door-buster deals is not economically viable for all stores. So, while the major players utilize automated tools and additional cash to invest in special services, small retailers can cleverly identify ways to stand out among the competition.

One important area which is of major concern to both retailers and consumers alike is free shipping. According to a recent study by Accent, 88 percent customers will likely do a transaction on your website if they are promised free shipping. So, if the retailers can figure out ways to offer free shipping to customers, they may have a chance to boost their sales this year. For instance, using ShipWorks extension while executing eCommerce development Magento is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to provide free shipping.

However, if you are hesitant to committing to a full “free shipping” model, here are some strategic ways you can implement to offer free shipping on a small scale:

1.Offer free shipping in exchange of contact information:

If providing free shipping to all customers is not feasible for your business, then follow Amazon’s Prime membership strategy. Not every retailer can ask loyal customers to pay $99 a year to access online shopping benefits like free shipping. Instead, you can ask the shoppers for something less expensive such as an email address or their contact number. By offering incentives in exchange for shopper’s email address, you can collect more leads while continually engaging with potential contacts. You can create a pop-up shop and enable customers to browse your website and include their email address to claim free shipping. Create a special code they need to enter in order to redeem free shipping. Your work shouldn’t end there! Keep customers engaged by continuously sending email reminders about product promotions, offers, and other marketing initiatives.

2.Use free shipping to accelerate buying process:

A study from Statista reports that nearly 56 percent of customers abandon their shopping cart if they are presented with unexpected shipping costs. If you find your site visitors leaving your shopping cart, offer them a free shipping code to motivate them to complete their purchase. If you have partnered with a Magento eStore development company, consider using Abandoned Cart Alerts Pro extension. It allows you to intimidate customers about their abandoned shopping cart or failed transactions by including an automatic coupon for them. Such recovery alerts/emails can bring customers back to your site and help you strengthen your cart abandonment rate. Additionally, make a practice of creating a list of customers who leave their items behind by emailing them a free shipping coupon code.

3.Implement free shipping for first-time buyers only:

As they rightly say – “First impression is the last impression,” use this as an opportunity to attract your first-time website visitors. For building a strong relationship with new customers and ensuring their lifetime loyalty, provide free shipping. Something as minimum as – “First purchase? Shipping is on us!” can create a great impact on your sales.

In conclusion, there are several other ways to test free shipping for your business. But it is essential that you identify the areas where cost-reduction can be implemented. Holidays can be the best time to take advantage of a free shipping strategy. In addition, threshold based free shipping such as “free shipping for orders above $100” can be a great technique to find what works best for your customers. Have any other ideas to enable free shipping for small retailers? Please share with us using the comments below.

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