Follow the Key Points to Establish a Kitchen Garden

Nowadays people are choosing a healthy and environment friendly living. In this order gardening is a best way to opt for environment friendly and healthy living. Many people love to spend time in gardening and many likes to consume fresh, organic and healthy herbs & veggies. Maintaining a kitchen garden improves atmosphere of the surrounding and even enhances the beauty of your house.

A kitchen garden comprises of vegetable plants and herbs that are usually grown to be consumed. You can place simple plants, containers, earthen or ceramic pots or hanging baskets to grow plants. Kitchen gardens range from small to larger or multipurpose gardens where you can grow and maintain any of your favorite veggie or herb plant. You can have a quick access to fresh vegetables for cooking. Here are the guidelines to plan for kitchen vegetable garden, have a look:

Kitchen Garden

Plan and select the location

When you begin to develop a kitchen garden, in the beginning you need to select the place for the where they can grow easily. It means the kitchen garden should be in sunny spot where water source is available nearby. The place is easy to access so you can take care of plants and water them on regular basis. You should select an area where you can prevent the plants from pests and keep the animals away while plants are in the process of pollination and attracting insects like bees.

Figure out the area and size of the garden

The area of garden is influenced by the location because what plants you are going to include are highly depends on the area. Kitchen gardens are of several types like small, large container gardening, raised garden bed kit or can be grown in the ground.

Manage the area

Prepare the land, pots, soil and other essentials for the garden. It should have rich, fertile and well drained soil. Remove weeds, plan for drainage, and turn over the dirt and more. Add compost or top soil while growing the plants.

Choose the plants you want to grow in the garden

Before choosing the plants consider geographical condition, climate, & season and choose plants accordingly. Like tomatoes, cucumber, green chili, herbs etc. you can buy seeds online or from market. You can also include some flower plants to beautify your garden.

Arrange specific requirements according to plants’ height, size and space required. Design pathways so you can easily access the garden. After growing the plants harvest them on time according to the timing of planting and location. Now enjoy eating fresh vegetable and herbs and have a healthy life.

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