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LinkedIn is used actively by recruiters to find good candidates for their applications and also help job seekers with their questions, give some extra information about a job, share some tips and advice. It is a nice service for communication, but some requests are highly inappropriate.

The saddest thing about it is that people, who send these irrelevant messages, often do not realize they are doing it wrong. The list below should help you to avoid common mistakes in contacting on a LinkedIn network.

Can you help me to improve my resume?

Resume writing is a time-consuming work that requires a lot of effort and the good knowledge of your background. Professional services like LinkedIn profile writers are always ready to help you with this uneasy task, but it is not what recruiters do.

Can you give me a hand with job finding?

This type of message is sent very often and it is the one that recruiters hate the most. It is necessary to realize that a headhunter is someone who looks for candidates, not someone who helps to find a vacancy you need. This mistake is made by a lot of people.

There is no such a person who finds the jobs, a recruiter can only recommend your resume to some clients or colleagues or give you advice in job searching.

Are there any applications for my profile?

This question is less disturbing, but still before asking it is recommended to do a small research yourself. A company may have a lot of applications in a certain period of time and there is no guarantee that exactly this recruiter deals with the position you need.

Plus, only you can decide which job better fits your skills and goals. After your research online and picking the position you are interested in, you may apply on a career page and then ask the recruiter the questions ask the recruiter all the questions you have about this application.

Can you give me Mark Black’s email / phone number/ Skype?

All the personal information of a member can be visible on a LinkedIn profile if it is his desire. First, look through the page, probably it is already there. If it not the case, this information cannot be given to others. It would be better on Introduction Request. This LinkedIn option helps to get in touch with a person without using emails.

Can you write me a recommendation?

The majority of recruiters are eager to help job seekers to meet people and get the connections, but if you have never had a conversation with this headhunter, it is not appropriate to ask for an endorsement. It is wiser to get the feedback from your customers, colleagues, and partners to make it real and helpful.

Nice photo, hi gorgeous, love your hair

LinkedIn is a professional service, not a dating website. Please make sure your letters are formal enough and written in a suitable manner.

Hello dear friend / Good evening, Hanna/ Hi, Victor

Writing a correct name of the person you are addressing to is crucial. It is possible to confuse Anna with Hanna, at least it is understandable. However, it could be written something like “Hi, Victor” in a mail to recruiter named Anna. That is a huge mistake that ruins all the impression.

Using phrases like “hello dear friend” is not better because it looks like spam and makes the request impersonal. Paying attention to the names and writing them properly is very important.

Keep in mind that, when you are prepared and have questions about details, recruiters would be more willing to help you!

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