Feature of Electrical Protection Relay

Protection relay is used to make protect our electrical power device from electrical fault, high current, low voltage & earth fault etc. Protection relay is continuously monitoring & controlling function for electrical power device to make them protection from electrical fault. Types of protection relay is depend on relay works every relay has different kind of working towards protection.

Main types of Protection Relay-

  1. Feeder Protection Relay-
    Feeder protection relay is used to make protect overhead line & cables from electrical fault. It is most commonly using because it preferable for electrical device. In case of electrical power system got some kind of electrical fault then feeder protection relay will help to get protected or minimize electrical fault.
    Feeder protection relay is consistence’s of all the necessary protection and monitoring functions which is required for electrical power system.
    Feeder protection relay have high speed digital signal controller, which is continuously monitors line phase current, high voltage
    and low voltage current, REF current, along with different status input through CTs and optical isolated status connections.
    Image reference link-http://www.ashidaelectronics.com/feeder-protection-relay
  2. Overcurrent Protection –
    Overcurrent protection is a relay which make protect while current exceed more than the rate of conductors or electrical device. Itis a device protects the circuit by opening the device when the current reaches a value. Overcurrent protection is responded on short circuit, earth fault as well as protection from over current condition.
    Overcurrent is one continues which is set up if current trying to flow more than the contentionthen overcurrent condition going to create.
  3. Switchgear Protection –
    A switchgear protection is a generic word which is generally relate or associated to electrical power system. In electrical device, we normal use switch to make open and close the current. Electrical fuse is also used to protect our electrical device from electrical fault, earth fault etc.  In every electrical power device has own switchgear, which has own overcurrent & low voltage measuring, monitoring, controlling & regularly arrange. A collection of all above device is known as the switchgear protection.

Switchgear is one of necessary protection relay at every switch point of electrical power system. Because there have several of current or voltage level which can create the fault.

Reference  website –  www.ashidaelectronics.com

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