Fabulous Weekend Holidays in Ranthambore

Tourism season starts from October in Ranthambore. Many important festivals and holidays have been underlined throughout the month. It also brings clear sky and pleasant atmosphere in most parts of this wildlife destination “Ranthambore National Park “.Make your weekend holidays enjoyable with good weather, and plan this much anticipated gateway.

To give you a wonderful break without spending too much, this tourist spot is about 180 km away from Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur. Ranthambore situated between the Aravali and Vindhya mountain ranges in the southeast Rajasthan is world famous for its Bengal tigers.

There is a need to make a lot of effort to take time out from your busy schedule to plan holidays. The picturesque places near major cities are emerging as new weekend getaway destinations. Some of these places include the Ranthambore National Park, historic Ranthambore Fort and the National Chambal Gharial Sanctuary. The proximity to the cities makes these tourist spots easier for people looking for weekend tour.

Ranthambore is the extraordinary beauty of the Rajasthan. The royal Ranthambore is surrounded by dry deciduous forests from all sides, which provides natural abundance in it. This place has always been a favorite among nature and adventure lovers around the world. Trying new offbeat experiences in Ranthambore is a way to properly explore wildlife. Although this land is famous for its magnificent natural beauty, historical Ranthambore fort and wildlife, its main attraction is Bengal Tiger. There are many places to visit in Ranthambore that allow you to highlight another unique aspect of the place. At these less known locations you will find many unique beauty and wonderful places. This is why wildlife lovers go to Ranthambore to spend their holidays on weekends.

Ranthambore is not one of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan but it also has spiritual importance for locals due to famous Ganesh temple. The famous Ganesh temple is located in Ranthambore fort. Its journey provides a beautiful view of nature in Ranthambore. During the trip to Ranthambore fort or Ganesh temple you can see the wild animals of Ranthambore, which include Sambar, Chital etc. This is undoubtedly one of the best wildlife destinations in North India. Jungle safari is the best option for making a memorable weekend tour in Ranthambore. This popular destination is not only beautiful but also considered the best place in India to see wild tigers and other wildlife in their natural forest habitat. Imagine the adventures of the jungle safari between the mountains, valleys and the forest covered with “Dhonk” trees. Ranthambore is a great wildlife destination for experiencing the jungle on weekend getaway from among the best places in Rajasthan.

If you want to boat ride in addition to the jungle safari on weekend tour in Ranthambore, then you don’t have to go anywhere else. For this, the Palighat Chambal Gharial Sanctuary near Ranthambore is the best place, which is about 45 km from Ranthambore. This is one of the most adventurous things to do in Ranthambore. A boat ride takes you to the Chambal River where you can enjoy this exciting experience. One of the most exciting things in Ranthambore is to absorb just in its amazing beauty. During the Chambal River safari in Palighat, you can enjoy the sunset. Sunset provides a spectacular view of the surrounding environment, which is just mind-boggling. The Chambal Gharial Sanctuary is a fantastic place to be a beautiful weekend trip in Ranthambore. Due to the forest of Ranthambore being adjacent, this area becomes more beautiful.

If you are looking for some truly unique experiences in Ranthambore, then taking Jeep safari is one of them. The attractive jungle safari in Ranthambore makes your tiger encounter successful through jeeps and canters. Not only does the jungle safari provide many thrills, but also lets you see the remarkable beauty of Ranthambore. When you visit Jungle Safari in Ranthambore, sit in a jeep or canter and take fresh air and enjoy heartwarming natural beauty.

One of the beautiful places to see in Ranthambore is the “Ranthambore Fort”. It is located on an isolated hill in Ranthambore forest. This is the best tourist spot to include in your Ranthambore weekend tour. It is believed that Ranthambore Fort was built by Chauhan ruler in 944 CE and its last ruler in the Chauhan dynasty was Hammir Dev. Ranthambore fort is surrounded by the beautiful forest and as far as the eyes can see there are lots of greenery. In order to really appreciate it, you do not have to be a wildlife enthusiast, how wonderful this place is. For those who really like wildlife, this place is very exciting for them.

Ranthambore is an Ireland of rich flora and fauna. An important part of every Ranthambore package is wildlife Safari. Ranthambore National Park is home to 350 species of birds and other wild animals such as tigers, sloth bears, sambar deer and leopards. The search for Ranthambore wildlife should definitely be part of your bucket list of top experiences in Rajasthan. There is always something new to explore and experience in the beautiful land of the Tiger. If you want to enjoy a memorable holiday in this wildlife paradise, then book the Ranthambore weekend package. To make sure that you have the best experience so far.

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