Evolution of Media in Education

Media literacy has always been an important area of literacy in America and the rest of the world which provides instructional methods for the media literacy and integrates theory with classical frameworks. The media and cultural study hold significance in education where the students are provided scholarships to gain new knowledge; throughout the 20th century, the legacy of media and technology in education has tremendously enhanced. There may be one type of students studying media literacy asking professional essay writing websites to “write my essay cheap”. There is a strong relationship of media literacy to the education and technology into the K-12education. In the 21st century, the media has evolved a long way where Americans can open the television channels and find the 24 hours news channels, documentaries, music channels and educational channels. Media is influencing the lives of people through education and entertainment.

How Media has Evolved Over the Years

Half of the United States population receives a newspaper daily in their homes and hold many magazine subscriptions; they are also exposed to media in the cabs and buses, they go to classrooms and offices where the media accompanies them everywhere. Media plays an important role in the society and education and does a lot more for a common man today than before. The most important and basic role of the society is to get good education; media fills that role strongly.

Media and Education.

Media can also provide information and education. Information can come in many forms, and it may sometimes be difficult to separate from entertainment. The radio programs and television broadcasts are aimed at promoting knowledge and education these days where several channels are dedicated to providing high-quality education and lectures to the students of various universities. They can access the lecture videos through the internet and websites; download and read books and magazines through free or low-cost subscriptions, media helps students to enhance their knowledge of wide range of subjects.

There are free encyclopedias on the internet, Wikipedia is the biggest example that provides information on almost every subject and area of life. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT has posted free lecture notes as well with the video recordings and exam notes for their students on their website. The students across the world can access the world class education free with the help of the internet. Media has a massive role to play in the education these days.

There are media and education programs offered in the U.S universities that is one of a kind program. These graduates become experts in complex synergies between media and education in the contemporary culture of the 21st century. Media education is also becoming widespread at the master level, that is a proof of dominance of media in education.

Virtual or Internet-based Learning

New media has an incredible role to play in the education, now the virtual learning using the Internet-based technologies is becoming common in various parts of the world to promote a robust solution for connecting with the most knowledgeable teachers across the globe and obtain the high-quality education with distance learning programs. The universities and government institutes are spending an increasing amount of funds which aim at the promotion of online virtual education for the students across the globe who can manage their jobs and education easily.

It is important to know to how much extent various students are learning with the help of virtual programs and universities; distance learning is an evolution of media that supports a growing number of students across the globe. The computer-based studying also provides various cultures and backgrounds to meet each other and mingle across the internet; they can use their potential and share their knowledge with each other to form educational bonds.

Enhancement of Abilities

The evolution of media has influenced the world of education tremendously; the greater emphasis has been placed on the abilities of students to grasp the new concepts and explore different learning activities through media. They can increase their cognitive skills in pursuit of a good career and learn from the best instructors across the borders. The media is making sense of learning and helping the learners to achieve their goals to create a better life.

The media these days offer a lot of opportunities and functionalities to access various resources; it is an extremely innovative style of learning to achieve the learning goals. Computer-based software development is becoming more popular form of development for software engineers who can engage and communicate with a team of developers across the globe at virtual offices and meet the requirements of clients in a powerful way using media. To optimize learning, the role of media can never ignore in the education in the new millennium.

Author Bio

Dr. Fons Vemooij is an educational manager at John Cruyff University and is an author of dozens of books and journal articles. His research is in media and education.

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