Everything to Know About Asilah beach in Morocco

Asilah beach in Morocco

Asilah beach in Morocco is the main beach area in the town of the same name, located 3 km away on the coast of a cozy natural harbor, south of the port of Tangier. Due to its pleasant atmosphere during the summer season, this place is chosen by couples with children in order to enjoy a secluded beach holiday on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Asilah beach in Morocco

Beach description:

Asilah Beach is a large wild coastal stretch north of the city, covered with golden sands and surrounded by beautiful hills. It is a quiet and calm place, protected from the harsh Atlantic wind, with a gentle entrance to the water and soft surf, convenient for bathing children. You can’t get in or out of the water quickly here, but still here the entrance to the ocean is much better here than on other city beaches of Asil. 

It is worth planning a trip here for the whole day, while you do not need to worry about where you can eat and relax: there are several cafes along the beach, and on the beach itself there is a rental of beach equipment during the season.

At the beginning of the high season, the beach is clean, but at the peak, due to the lack of quality cleaning, garbage can be found, as elsewhere on the beaches of Morocco.

The road to the beach will not be difficult, as it is close: at the end of the city embankment, a few minutes’ drive from the city center. You can get to Asila Beach:

  • walking for about 40 minutes. on foot;
  • an off-road vehicle is the best option if you are traveling with a family;
  • Motorking – a three-wheeled motorcycle;
  • on a cart pulled by horses or donkeys – if you want to try exotic things.

The town itself can be reached by train or bus from Tangier, as well as from the Atlantic coast of Europe by sea boat.

When is the best time to go?

The beach season in Morocco opens in April and closes in October. The best months to visit the resorts of this country are May-June and September-October. 


Along the beach in Asil, there are several inexpensive beachside cafes equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas serving fish dishes. On the beach there is a rental of beach equipment – umbrellas and chairs, no showers. From entertainment – the minimum set of water attractions and the opportunity to ride along the coast on a camel.

Problems with housing due to the proximity to the city do not arise at all. There are several luxury and more budget hotels in Asil with ocean view rooms. For example, the 4-star hotel Al Alba , located just 100 meters from the beach.

Helpful information:

Asilah is a famous cultural center of Morocco. Several art festivals are held here throughout the year. It looks especially impressive when artists exhibit their works on its streets. Then the city turns into a large art gallery.

While relaxing in Asil, you can visit other beaches, which are dominated by sand and stone cover:

  • located 6 km south of the town of Paradise Beach is a cozy and wind-protected corner on the coast of the bay, where there are cafes and restaurants, as well as picturesque caves worthy of the attention of tourists. The path to Paradise Beach is a rather difficult undertaking due to the bumpy road, so the walk to the beach itself is a rather dubious pleasure, but otherwise the place is very pleasant.
  • There are many ways to get to Asilah, many tourists lan either at Marrakech, Fes, Tangier or Casablanca. Tangier is the nearest but the most airport where tourists land is Casablanca Mohammed AL Khamis airport.
  • Many people want to know how many days they need to visit not only Asilah beach but also other beaches in Morocco. Well, couple of tourists have visited the most admired of Morocco’s beaches in 10 days from Casablanca itinerary. In other words, they started from Casablanca because it is an amazing point where to start in a round trip around Morocco for visiting beaches.

In the town of Asila itself, you can visit the old blue and white Medina, a Portuguese fortress, a port with many fishing boats, a dam, Rassouli’s palace, built in the Moorish style. While relaxing here, be sure to visit the hammam with traditional Moroccan spa treatments and hike to the Rif Mountains or the archaeological site of Lixus.

Information on obtaining a visa

Russian citizens do not need a visa for a single tourist trip if the period of stay in Morocco is less than 90 days in six months. Citizens of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan require a visa to visit the country. 

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