Enjoy Amazing Desert Safari Tour in Jaisalmer

Some travel experience gives us spellbound memories which turn your fairytales in reality. For me, one such a travel experience was the desert camping tour to Jaisalmer; a home for Thar Desert. Desert camping in Thar Desert made me more excited while I was booking a ticket to this Golden City. Jaisalmer tour made me to oblige to the witness of the natural wonders in very close quarters. Still I can feel goose bumps when I remember the thrilling experience of Jaisalmer camping tour and can’t ignore the charm of it. For me the Jaisalmer tour became more exciting because I have chosen to stay in camp under the stars in Thar Desert.

The city has mesmerizing man-made wonders with superb architecture from large building to small sidewalks are attracting yellow-golden in color. Being a solo traveler; the trip was more adventuring but full of hassle too. I was waiting for my jeep to take me in sand dunes villages but unfortunately at the end of moment the driver got stuck in some urgent work.  I have seen a bullock cart was coming on the way, the lady asked me to have a ride in their domestic vehicle. I couldn’t be denied because since childhood I wanted to take ride of bullock cart. I must say it was a dumpy ride for me!  The woman was sitting in the bullock cart; sang a beautiful folk song for me. I don’t remember the lyrics but I remember the music of Ravan Hatha; a rajasthani musical instrument.  They dropped me nearby sand dunes fields where I was going to have camp in the night.  I clicked plethora photographs of orange sand dunes areas then I took my steps to take a camel ride to Thar Desert.

Deserrt Safari

There was number of tourists already gathered for climbing on the ship of desert “Camel”. The camel owner was gearing up the camel by adjusting stuffs like mattresses, pillows and waters bottles to their back.  Now it was the time to climb on steep back of camels, everyone was screaming happily with excitement and thrill of course with smiling faces. All camel have different names, my camel’s name was “Rozzy”, so rozzy was bit naughty and making me dancing all the time on bumpy ride.  Now camel safari took us to watch the sun‐set in the Thar dune. There were number of attracting stops to gain a small insight sand dunes village’s culture. I visited a village; it was incredible to see, even with the several tourists that were also wandering around. I didn’t want to miss the sunset so before sun was going to weakening down, fortunately I reached near to my camp. It was a great moment when I saw that slowly the sky started changing the color. The sun was down to the horizon, the color changed from orange to red then dim.  I kept watching the mesmerizing nature’s gift and keep clicking pictures the blend of dusk in to the night.

From the east sky moon was full on mood to spread its bright charm which was reflecting on the orange sand dunes that slowly turning silver. For all camp members the organizer arranged a musical folk night, so all we were sitting around the bone fire. Some folk musicians, singer and women dancers were full of their charm, they were playing beautiful folk music and singing and some women were dancing with wearing colorful rajasthani attire. In december’s winter, camp fire, full moon night under the sky, music, folk soothing songs and cool breeze I couldn’t ask for more.

In morning I found myself more refreshing and calm and very close to nature and peaceful. I realized moments like these are what truly matter and one of the best glamping experiences I have felt. I had a best Desert Safari in Rajasthan. Here I will suggest that once in a life we all must have a experience of Desert sand dunes. It is very thrilling and adventuring tour.

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