Effective ways to get 1000 followers on Instagram

Majority companies or businesses from all over the globe are shifting their TV commercial ad budget to social media platforms. The reason is that these platforms are considered the most effective for marketing businesses these days. When we talk about the platforms having highest advertising revenue streams all around the globe, these are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. All these platforms are successfully making over several billion dollars every year via sponsorships and promotions.

Getting first 1000 Instagram followers

Getting the first 1000 followers on your Instagram account is not so hard. If you know a reliable source to purchase this stuff, you can always Buy 1000 Instagram Followers UK instantly to gain an instant boost in your account. There are lots of companies who make you available free trial followers Instagram. These are usually 100 or so. With this, you can test the quality whether these followers are real and active or not, then buy the package providing you 1000 followers.

However, here we are going to discuss the free way of getting 1000 followers, other than Buy Instagram Followers approach.

1. Identify your niche

When talking about marketing, one of the very first rules is to identify your niche. This will let you know in advance what you targeted audience is. In this way, you can effectively create appealing content for them. But, analyzing or identifying your niche first doesn’t mean that you are stuck with it forever. Once you get the enough following, you can always veer into other ones.

2. Analyze top competitors

You are new here but there are lots of other people who are doing the same kind of things for years, no matter what. In this regard, you are suggested to analyze your top competitors. The reason is that they are already getting enough followers so they have developed strategies, which you can follow as well to get followers.

The best thing is to look for the competitors with the high engagement rates and analyze how they are creating content for their audience. Have a look at their videos, pictures, bio, hashtags they are utilizing etc. You can also observe their captions, how many times they are posting on Instagram etc. This study will surely get you the ways to make appealing content to succeed in your purpose.

3. Make a content posting schedule

As you have already observed your competitors, now you need to adopt the same content posting schedule as your competitors. If they are posting photos/videos once a day, you need to do the same. If they are posting it twice or thrice, you are suggested to follow the same posting schedule. If they are uploading stories more than often, go for this routine as well.

Here, you are meant to grab the attention but make sure not to flood home page of followers with too many postings.

4. Tag similar accounts

At this step, you have to find the accounts same as your niche and tag them in your posts in a nice manner. Why you are supposed to do so? It will help you drive the relevant traffic towards your account. For example, you are having a business account for selling cosmetic products. Tagging other accounts doing the same in your posts will put your posts in thousands of eyes, which can be your potential customers as well. The reason is that they are already interested in these kinds of products. There are lots of Instagrammers who adopt this strategy to drive relevant traffic to their account.

5. Respond must to comments

People normally overlook this, but, this is one of the most important things to bring high engagement to your account. When you don’t respond to your follower’s comments, it gives an annoying feeling, especially if it’s a query.

When you choose to respond, it makes loyal relations with user/followers. Sometimes, replying to thousands of comments becomes difficult but at least you must try to respond to those that need it the most. There are lots of other eyes to see this. When they see you are interacting with users nicely, they will also be encouraged to comments as well as to follow you.

Every account starts with 0 followers. This is your first step of getting 1000 followers. But, if you keep following it, it will let you have a high-quality profile and engaged audience. You will keep on getting more and more followers with time this way.