Easy EID Cakes To Make

EID Cakes

Eid cakes in West London.

If you are planning on celebrating Eid this Eid and are looking for a cake then you should definitely consider getting one from one of the specialists in Eid cakes in West London. The range of cakes available is vast and is the perfect way to mark the Eid celebration with friends and family. With an array of flavours and decorations Eid cakes can transform your party into a culinary experience. Why not break out the recipe book and create a delicious dessert for your guests?

With most of the UK having some type of church within it, the majority of the population will be able to attend services and if you are not then make the short drive to a nearby city to attend one of the numerous EID candlelit services. The majority of the population is used to attending church on a regular basis, so it is important to get the timing right when hosting your own EID dinner. This will ensure that your guests have no problem finding somewhere to eat. However, by getting the timing right you can ensure that your guests do not leave the party before the cake has been sliced!

Cakes Come Fully Decorated

As with the majority of West London bakeries you will find that the cakes come fully decorated. Your baker will usually start by making the cake and decorating it to your exact specifications before bringing it back to the shop. The only other job, the pastry chef has been to add the sprinkles to the cake before bringing it back to the shop for the fajita cake or the cheesecake. In fact, the only job the pastry chef has been to bring the cake back to the shop to be sliced.

When preparing the cake’s the most important factor is to ensure that they come out looking the best they possibly can. For the huge crowds in West London, which is also the biggest fans of these delicious cakes it is important to ensure that you prepare as many cakes as you can in order to keep your customer happy and coming back for more. The easier it is to make the cakes the better the chance that they will be a hit at the party.

A Typical Eid Cake 

A typical Eid cake will consist of two tiers and around ten layers. The cake will start off the celebrations with the frosting and then the cake on the top will be layered with brown sugar. The middle layer can be made with almond paste and then topped off with fruit filling. The fruit filling can either be icing or cream cheese. This can then be covered with fruit juice and served to the guests. By baking the cakes in advance and waiting until the day of the party to make them, you will find that you have plenty left over which you can store away.

Baking Eid cakes can really help you to save money at this time of year as you will find that the competition is quite high. If you prepare your cakes early, you should have no problems at all securing a good price. In fact the market is so busy that the shops tend to run out of cake before the party itself. When you go looking for Eid cakes in stores, try to get ones that are made from the traditional ingredients which are butter, sugar and flour. You will be able to save quite a bit of money if you choose to make your own Eid cakes.

Inexpensive Ingredients

If you make your own cakes, you will need to have the right ingredients. You will need to make sure that the ingredients are of the highest quality. If the mix is made from inexpensive ingredients, the taste may suffer. It is also important to make sure that you have the correct measurements in the cake pans. There are a lot of Eid cakes that are made in the microwave oven, which can lead to problems when you are preparing them. If you want your cake to come out perfect, you need to make sure that the measurements are perfect.

When you have made your cake, you will then need to decorate it. Most people prefer to add icing to their cakes but some people do not think this is necessary. If you want to decorate the cake, you can either purchase a cake topper or you can use decorations that you find around the house. One thing to keep in mind when decorating the cake is to make sure that you do not put any decorations on the center of the cake. The center of the cake will be the last thing that you see before it goes into the oven.