Download for free Garmin Map

 Most likely you have associated the previous Garmin GPS device much longer or somewhere in the slide. Most GPS devices lose sight of the result as a map Some people recognize that you do not need to be compelled to buy a map update for your GPS device. And as an additional, it’s completely legal, up-to-date and special … FREE!

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New GPS, old maps?

GPS devices do not cost too much these days, € for less than a hundred, you already get a cheap phone. These GPS devices are also small and you need to go on vacation and have an inbuilt battery that is longer than your portable. However, problems can sometimes come back. Inbuilt maps on the device will automatically become obsolete. For some devices, a map update will not be made through Garmin because they are non-concurrent.

Map update for Garmin GPS

Newly made neighborhoods and streets don’t seem on the inbuilt maps of the GPS device. This doesn’t have to be compelled to be a tangle, as a result of at Garmin you’ll perpetually get new cards, or straightaway gets a tool with the Garmin lifespan Updates. In any case, these tickets don’t seem to be low-cost, for any low map update you’ll shortly pay over € 80! Garmin maps also are divided into maps for navigation, hiking maps, sports maps … every card sort should be purchased one by one. however luckily there also are utterly free maps to transfer for your Garmin!

Openstreetmap, free map update for Garmin

Official Garmin maps for your device will be found on the positioning of Garmin itself, however recently you’ll conjointly use the GPS maps of The maps of OpenStreetMap are created by users United Nations agency draw maps themselves supported the roads they recorded with their own GPS device. The thousands of volunteers then created an in-depth map of the realm, that map is far additional correct than the maps that the GPS makers give with their own devices. These maps not solely contain the streets, however conjointly actual data regarding hiking trails, parking garages, restaurants.

Because everybody is aware of their own neighborhood best, the map conjointly has more tiny roads, POIs, cycleways, hiking trails, and diversions. conjointly in some European countries like France, the road maps are literally publically accessible, all of those have already been entered in OpenStreetMap, creating them even higher than the Garmin maps. as a result of OpenStreetMap will be adjusted by anyone, the maps square measure rather more correct than the maps of Google Maps, or the maps that escort your Garmin device.

Free bike and hiking maps
The OpenStreetMap maps square measure thus elaborate and correct that you just can even use these maps as a hiking map and sports map. If you’ve got an automotive GPS, you’ll conjointly take it with you and use it as a walking GPS. All hiking trails that square measure familiar also are accessible on the device. thus you’ll conjointly use your GPS on the tiny hiking trails, and no hiking GPS has got to be purchased. If you continue to have a hiking GPS, you’ll conjointly update it with this free OpenStreetMap to update your maps.

Open-source card with several benefits

A big and on the maps of OpenStreetMap isn’t solely that they need rather more detail than the Garmin maps, however conjointly that changes square measure created a lot of quicker within the map material. New neighborhoods, new traffic things, shops, buildings, and ways square measure up-to-date a lot of quicker, as a result of everybody will regulate the map. If you wish to participate within the OpenStreetMap card, you’ll perpetually produce an associate account on

The main purpose of the OpenStreetMap maps is that they will be utilized in the majority Garmin GPS devices, in even older devices that have otherwise become useless. These tickets square measure utterly absolve to transfer and might be loaded directly onto your GPS. generally, it’s necessary to supply your Garmin GPS with an additional memory card since these maps contain rather more data than the initial maps.
Download the maps
When downloading the Garmin maps you’ll choose your country, otherwise, you will indicate the maps you wish to transfer, the following step is that you just enter your email address. Then the server prepares a package for you with the files you wish. a moment later you get the associated email, with a link there the cardboard created for you on the idea of the foremost recent map update. you’ll transfer this card directly on the memory card of your device. Then insert your memory card into your GPS device.

Do not forget to deactivate the inbuilt card within the Settings menu and activate the cardboard from your Mount Rushmore State card, otherwise your map update won’t be loaded into your device, however still the previous base card!

There is conjointly a provided installation, that conjointly installs the map update directly on your pc to be used in Garmin Mapsource or Garmin Basecamp. If you are doing not have Garmin Basecamp, you’ll conjointly transfer it for free of charge. once the installation, you’ll see that the OpenStreetMap card is obtainable within the Garmin software package.

Turn on the proper card!

With some more modern Garmin devices, you’ll conjointly use maps that square measure gift on associate Mount Rushmore State card, you’ll save these cards on the Mount Rushmore State card, and use them directly on your device while not victimization Basecamp.

You should not forget to point with the cardboard settings that you just need to use the cards on the Mount Rushmore State card, and not on the inbuilt cards. If you are doing not try this, you’ll not use these new cards, however, your device can load the previous card material by default. For that you just attend menu settings within the menu, you’ll choose that card you wish to use to navigate.

Completely free

The change maps for your Garmin GPS thus there truly prices no cash, you’ll so transfer these maps and update while not several issues. Moreover, it’s utterly free and legal. The maps that your GPS can use square measure maps created by volunteers, however conjointly far better. you’ll update the maximum amount as you wish.

Download the free update of Garmin GPS maps.