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Different Types of Yoga Postures

Yoga Postures is an ancient Indian way of life, in which the body, mind, and brain can be fully healthy through yoga. Being healthy, you feel healthy yourself. Yoga makes your body healthy and strong. With Yoga, you get relief from your body, as well as relaxes your mind. Regular yoga keeps your mind happy, and the irritability of work goes away. If you want to know more about protein supplement check this post-Protein Supplement.

Let’s take a look at the different types of yoga through this article!


Due to the force of the head, it is called Head Stand. Due to this, digestion stays well and blood circulation increases in the brain, due to which the memory power remains correct. Strengthens hands, legs, and spinal cord and increases lung functioning

Kati means the waist,it called is Waist Rotation Pose. This posture is done by standing up. It keeps the waist, stomach, and hip healthy. It reduces the waist fat.Increases flexibility of the spinal cord and waist and beneficial for hands and feet muscles.

In this posture we hold the toe with both of our hands, since this posture is done by holding feet with hands  it is called Hand Under Foot Pose. This posture is done by standing up. Beneficial for shin and hips. Strengthen the thighs and Improve digestion. Reduces fatigue and anxiety.

This keeps the body’s status as a palm tree,  it is called Palm Tree Pose. This posture is done by standing up. Regularly exercised this posture strengthens the legs and thighs and helpful for increasing the height.

Boat Pose is done by on the back, in which the shape of the body appears to be like a boat. This gives strength to the spinal cord. Removes sexual dysfunction and impoverishment. It removes obesity of the stomach and waist.

In Plow Pose, the body shape becomes like a Plow, it is called Plow Pose. This posture  is done by on the back . Plow Pose is important for making our body flexible.Makes the brain calm. Stimulates stomach organs and thyroid gland.

All parts are exercised in this posture, which is why it is called Shoulder Stand Pose. This posture is done by on the back. It removes asthma, obesity, impairment and tiredness.

In this posture, the body should be made like a dead body and this is the reason that it is called as Corpse Pose. This is the relaxation posture of the mind. Reduce hypertension, remove mental and physical stress and make sex life better.

While doing this posture the shape of the body looks like a peacock,  That why called is Peacock Pose. This posture is carefully doing.This posture is beneficial for eyes, digestion system, Respiratory system, skin and muscles and Diabetes patient.

This posture stretch all the muscles of the body. The abdomen, chest, and spinal cord are also exercised and this posture the spinal cord becomes flexible,By which, the person stays in old age and his spinal cord does not bend.

Twisted Pose is done by sitting. By doing this posture, the spinal cord is straight forward. With the practice of this posture, levers, kidneys remain healthy.

In this posture, the shape of the body becomes like a fish,That why called is Fish pose. This posture increases the eyesight and the throat remains clean.

 By doing this posture, the thighs are strong. The blood circulation increases in the body. It is very beneficial for digestion. After eating the food should sit for some time in this posture.

This posture leads to rapid circulation of blood and purity in it. By removing this stress, concentrating the mind and enhancing the positive energy.

we have told you about DIFFERENT TYPES OF YOGA POSTURES, so yon can stay fit and healthy by following these tips.If you want to get more information about yoga so check our previous post-Some Important Benefits Of Yoga Exercises.

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