Common Gynecological Problems Faced by Women During Pregnancy

Gynecological issues are very common in a woman but they shouldn’t be left untreated. Especially while you are pregnant, vaginal problems can affect both you and the child. Hence it is very important to visit the doctor at the earliest. Gynec problems during pregnancy are common but the extent to which it can affect you might vary. Some women face problems only for a couple of days and it would be gone. Knowing your vaginal health becomes supercritical during your pregnancy due to complications it can bring about. As you are pregnant, your body will go through a lot of changes from physical to mental. It is because of the rapid hormonal activity as your baby develops.

At this stage, health monitoring becomes very important. Certain gynae problems can be a risk for both the mother and the baby. Certain adjustments will happen in your body to suit the growth of the baby. Some of the common gynae problems which can happen during pregnancy are:

  • Vaginal Thrush: This is a common problem during pregnancy experienced by a lot of women. Thrush is the thick white creamy textured discharge which comes out of the vagina. It is a type of yeast infection caused by a type of fungus called candida albicans. It becomes unpleasant to deal with thrush most of the times. An antifungal cream can give you some relief but most of them occur at repeated episodes which might want you to consider visiting a gynecologist in Chennai or any other city you belong to.
  • Vaginal Bleeding: This is also common among pregnant women as they see a little amount of bleeding sometimes. This is also called as spotting. Here the frequency and the amount of bleeding are crucial factors. Frequent bleeding and high amount of bleeding can tell you that there is some underlying complication. Visit your doctor immediately and do not delay if the bleeding is painful.
  • Vaginal Irritation: Mom-to-be will be experiencing a lot of changes in their vagina. Some of these will be difficult to cope and one such complication is vaginal itching. This usually clears up on its own but if it’s doesn’t visit a doctor. Irritation can be caused by a lot of daily use items like soaps, clothes etc or it could be a sign of infection. Try changing the irritants and if this doesn’t help, consider a consultation.
  • Vaginal Swelling: Inflammation and changes in color are common but there is an extent to which you needn’t worry. This generally occurs after physical intercourse and many people avoid sex because of this. Vaginal swelling is a way how your body reacts to the changes and it can adjust on its own. If you feel pain or discomfort then it becomes important for you to visit a doctor.

Getting yourself into the best maternity clinic in Pune can do a lot of good as the doctors will keep you safe and secured as good hospitals will provide you comprehensive care and would advise you on the possible complications beforehand.

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