Chemistry Made Easy With Educational Apps

Chemistry is the most fundamental and basic science. Some of the day to day examples of chemistry are activities such as digestion which happens due to the break down of food with the help of enzymatic reactions, soaps used for having a bath and washing, detergents to wash clothes, vinegar used as a preservative, aspirin used as a medicine, chalk used to write on the blackboard, caustic soda to clean toilets and drains, baking powder used to make puffy food items, sunscreen lotions protecting from the harmful UV rays, also, crying while cutting onions, all these activities involve chemistry. Concepts of chemistry such as JJ Thomson’s plum pudding model, Rutherford’s atomic model, and the other great discoveries, like the discovery of subatomic particles, the curiosity to know who discovered neutron, protons, the experiments conducted for these discoveries is so interesting. Chemistry leads to the technologies which have made our lives so much easier. Chemistry classes at school and colleges would be interesting for few students but boring for the others as it involves various laws, formulas, experiments, etc. which would be a little confusing and hence difficult to understand. With the emerging technologies like eLearning apps such as BYJU’S, understanding chemistry concepts have become so simple!

Chemistry study materials such as eBooks, PDFs of notes, solutions, worksheets, chapter wise exercise, sample papers, previous year question papers, etc. is available on apps like BYJU’S. Get tips, shortcuts, step by step solution to solve complex chemistry numerical from the expert faculties. Sessions are made more interesting by explaining concepts with the help of creative images and 3D videos along with experiments and examples of real-life applications. Best way to revise is to solve as many papers as possible and by taking up mock exams. This will not only increase your speed and help you understand the exam paper pattern but also will make you realize how well you are prepared for the final exam. Class 10 board and class 12 board is very crucial in any students life as you need to score well to get admission in the best universities.

For a better understanding of various other chemistry concepts, such as the structure of the atom, the Tyndall effect, inductive effect, etc. students can subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and learn in a more engaging and effective way.

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