Celebrate an Amazing Anniversary Every Year

For newlyweds (from 1 to 5 years old)

A free day for both

If they work as employees, ask for permission, if they are independent, give yourself a day off to get up without worries, pamper yourself in bed, take a shower together, go for breakfast or have brunch in a special place like a restaurant with a great view.

Remember everything that happened just a few months ago and give an account of what life as a couple has been and what will come for the future. Buy a gift for both of you, that you enjoy together as a new car, a set of pillows, a camera or music to listen to like two lovebirds with a good glass of wine.

An extreme day

Together they will paraglide, climb a balloon or practice skydiving for the adrenaline to fill them with life and celebrate another year loving and living together as a couple. They will scream with emotion and fear, but at the end of the day everything will be worth it.

The inevitable breakfast to bed

It must be accompanied by the complete package; hot pancakes with lots of honey, juice, coffee, a romantic phrase , flowers and sexy lingerie. Awaken with the love of your life and activate the senses with delicious food, rich aromas and lots of attitude to start an unforgettable anniversary.

“In search of treasure”

From the morning leave clues to your partner, you will have to follow the signs during the day and in the end you will meet to close the anniversary in a special way. A hotel or the favorite restaurant of the two, are excellent options to end this special day.

For those who take between 5 to 10 years

One night in a 5 star hotel

Leave the routine, the same walls, to go to enjoy some well-deserved luxuries, a nice room with champagne and room service. They do not necessarily have to travel to another city, they can book in the best hotel in the city and “stick the ball” for the wedding anniversary.

Gift vouchers delight everyone

Valid for a massage, a sponge bath, breakfast to bed and the options continue. Make a checkbook with colored papers and write what contains each bonus that your partner likes. He / she will be able to redeem their bonuses throughout the year and it will be an anniversary gift shop to remember.

Walking through the nightlife

Visit bars and rooftops at night to try your best cocktail as a couple. They will know places that they did not know existed, they will walk through the city holding hands under the stars, without worries and a few more glasses that will make them have fun on their anniversary night. Of course, the next day they will also take care of each other’s hangover.

Couples between 10 and 15 years of marriage

Surely at this point they already have a family with children, the routine has taken over their lives but …

A family walk

Of course! Both parents and children will enjoy this special date that can be celebrated in a farm, a country hotel or a destination that small and large will enjoy to the fullest.

Repeat the first appointment

Do you still remember the first time you went out together? A very fun anniversary celebration is to repeat the first time recreating every detail, visited the same places you were at that time and even, if possible, wear the same clothes. Everyone arrives by their side and when they are there, they will remember many things and confess secrets, of what they thought that day, that will make them laugh out loud.

Take the car and go to a nearby town

Without booking hotel, light luggage. Undertaking an adventure with the only certainty that they will be all day together. They will stop at a roadside restaurant for lunch, they will arrive at a small town that maybe they did not know and they will stay in a simple but very warm hotel.

They will walk through the park as strangers to the inhabitants and, when night falls, a couple of drinks will open the doors to true romance. Do not forget to buy yourself a sexy lingerie game to rekindle the flame of love.

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