Bride’s Mistakes that can Make Their Big Day “A Disaster”

Bride’s Mistakes

Wedding announcement turns the brides crazy. As soon as they get sure about their wedding date, they make them engaged in wedding shopping. Throughout the process, the pretty brides fall in love with the wedding dresses, flowers, venue décor, linen and much more. But, due to lack of consistent vision they forget to maintain consistency in their planning and often struggle with the differences in events from start to finish. When they finalize their wedding card, dress, wedding venue, theme but none of these matches. Just because they were not ready with to do list.

Now the question is, how do you prevent such situation. You can make it happen by outlining the process early on, and without getting lost in the process of planning for your big day.

I have some guidelines for the couple planning to get married, that will make them follow the track throughout the days leading up to their wedding.

Book your venue before anything else

Firstly, look out for the wedding venue, plan for it and search for the one which reflects your style as a couple. The wedding venue is the first thing that reflects how would you have planned for your big day. The site and destination define it well. Stick to your wedding plans, your entire wedding vision will become more defined through such process.

For example, if you have planned the venue in rustic style, but the bridesmaids are coming in the bold red dress, would it look great? No, that time you may want to tweak your color palettes.

Edit your planning board

When you are in the initial stage of planning and making a vision toward the wedding, what do you need? You need a board where you can stick and draw all your imaginations and desires to make them happen. You may have many ideas that aren’t bad things at early stages of planning. But when you are ready to start tackling to-do list, it’s the time to refocus.

Remove the things you don’t want and arrange the ideas you would like to incorporate. The photographs and ideas on board will help you to do your best.

You should use keywords like romantic, beach, snow etc. to give your wedding theme a name.

You should create a color story, like which color palette represent your wedding the best. Match the color with the venue, theme, and dresses but if your favorite color doesn’t suit the venue detail then don’t try to mix it.

Such ideas and focused planning imprints lifetime memories to your special day.

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