Bonk Be Live World’s Best Live Streaming App Worth Billions With AR And 3D Gifts

In the world of Digital Marketing, many experts have said that streaming is going to rule the internet for next ten years. When asked for proof? The experts have shown the YouTube LIVE option, Facebook Live option, and some other successful ventures like the Amazon, which is busy at the moment expanding their services outside of the USA.

However, they are the big names in the industry but which is the unique one?

Streaming is the next trend, and Bonk Be Live is going to be worth in billions of dollars.

Bonk Be Live Review

Bonk Be Live is a streaming app, which supports Android and iOS smartphones and Tablets.

If you are someone who does not know the latest trend of streaming, then Bonk Be Live is inspired by the streaming trend.

What so unique about this app? Then let us take you on the short tour.

Before that, you must have the app installed on your smartphone or else you will be lost on tour.

Download – Android & iOS.

Login & Interface

How many apps can you find which are not user-friendly? The list is vast; Google play said it themselves to improve application Interface.

However, Bonk Be Live made for the people who have recently started to use a smartphone.

1 – When you launch the application, you can see that the login made simply because you have social media login option.

You can use Twitter, Google plus, Facebook and Email option is also present.

2 – The first screen will be the rewarding system.

Those who log in to the app every day receive some reward points which are extremely useful to the users.

3 – It will take only a few seconds for you to login or sign up for a new account.

The Bonk Be Live ensured that those who don’t know streaming application interface would be able to use it easily.

4 – There is only four main menus on the top Follow (Its the list of people whom you follow), New (Whenever there is a new stream available, you can see them), Live (All LIVE streams are available in this tab), and Nearby (Those LIVE video, which are near to you.)

5 – On the bottom, you have four more options. They are simple such as Home button, Search bar, Bonk Be Live stream button to go live.

Inbox to notification tab, and lastly it’s your profile, which you can edit it.

Live Options & Viewers Features

Bonk Be Live has many things to offer such as the Live Streaming but how to do it?

1 – First, install & launch the app.

2 – In the bottom middle, you can find Green Button, tap on it.

3 – You will have these options on the screen.

4 – Add a title to the stream, your title should be related to your LIVE video.

5 – Time to select the country you are from, and your video will appear in the Nearby tab.

6 – You have to select a category, which describes the content of your video.

7 – Finally, tap on Live Button.

There are so many options present for the viewers, which will help the viewers communicate and get recognised by the streamers.

If you are aware of them, then we are going to tell you the most useful ones one-by-one.

1 – Viewers can like the stream, and it shows your profile picture to leave a sign of yours.

2 – You can send emojis and stickers to the streamer, which helps you deliver that message that you have liked the content.

It will encourage the person who is live and also let the streamer know your feedback. You can use the rewards you have earned to buy and send stickers & emojis.

3 – You can share the LIVE video on your Facebook profile with just one-click.

4 – In case, if you have something to say, then you can leave a comment on the LIVE Video. The comment can be seen by anyone who is watching that also includes the creator. It will create more interaction, and you can communicate with the creator.

5 – If you want to contact the creator, then you can visit the profile and message your favourite creator.

One of the interesting things about the messaging is that it will land directly in the inbox.


The company soon planning to add augmented reality and 3D to the platform to make the streaming app much more interesting. Let us know what do you think about Bonk Be Live streaming app and its future feature like Augmented reality in the comment section below.

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