Version Change by Angular JS

Are You Aware of this Big Version Change by Angular JS

The global development community greeted Google’s Angular version 11 release on the fourteenth of November 2020. With some truly stellar updates for developers across the globe, Version 11.0 brings new functionalities for the system, components, and CLI. If you are not yet aware of this Version Change by Angular JS Angular 11 brings to the table, then this article is for you.

Angularjs version-11 release

Find out what exactly is in Angular version 11 release?

1. Component Test Harnesses

Angular V9 witnessed the introduction of the Component Test Harness. The harness offered a robust and precise surface that facilitated Angular material components’ testing and inter connectivity using supported APIs.

Angular version 11 has now introduced harnesses to the entirety of the components, helping developers create increasingly robust test suites.

Angular 11 also sports new APIs and performance updates. Asynchronous actions with components can now run parallel with components during testing. With the new manual change detection function, developers now have better and more precise control of change detection in unit testing.

2. Operation Bye-log Updates

Angular 11 sports updates to the Operation Byelog where triaging issues and PRs were tweaked to meet broader community needs. All issues of triaging monorepos have been addressed, and as new issues appear, they too will be resolved through an ongoing support process.

The Angular team states that all new issues will reach a resolution within 14 days. The Angular 11 release has also resolved more mainstream issues pertaining to forms and routers. The support team will continue working towards improving the acceptance processes of community contributions. Angular encapsulates all the benefits of mobile app development.

3. Automatic In-lining of Fonts

Angular 11 sports automatic font in-lining. This speeds up the first contentful paint making the applications much quicker. The Angular 11 CLI uses compile times to download and inline fonts. This feature comes inbuilt for all applications developed with the version 11 release, and all you need to do to capitalize on this feature is an application update.

4. Updated Language Service Preview

Angular development is now productive and fun with the support tools of Angular’s language service. The View Engine forms the base of the language’s current version and provides an impressive and immersive experience for developers.

Similar to the TypeScript compiler, Angular’s language service can now accurately locate generic types in templates. This update is still in development yet deserves mention given the significant utility it brings to Angular development.

5. Improved Reporting and Logging

Angular 11 sports changes to the builder stage reporting to make it considerably more accommodating during development. Angular now brings new CLI yield updates to make logs and reports simpler to peruse.

6. Quicker Builds

With updates to some key dependencies, Angular 11 brings a quicker development and build cycle. When installing conditions, the ngcc update process in Angular 11 is 2–4x quicker and sports faster gathering with TypeScript v4.0.

7. Updated Hot Module Replacement (HMR) Support

HMR support was available even earlier in Angular. However, it required lengthy and time-consuming code and configuration changes. This made it difficult to remember for Angular projects. Angular 11 has resolved this issue with updates to the CLI that permit HMR enablement while starting an application with ng serve.

Changes to templates components and styles will be rapidly updated into the application as it runs without a refresh requirement. Form data and scroll positions will be automatically preserved, thus enhancing the ease of development and developer productivity.

8. Housekeeping

Angular11 no longer supports IE9/IE10 and IE mobile. IE11 is the solitary version of IE actually supported by Angular. Angular has additionally taken out deprecated APIs and added a couple to the deprecation list. Developers should consider this and ensure that they use only the latest APIs while following recommended best practices.

9. Linting

In Angular 11, TSLint has been outmoded, and project creators have begun advocating migration to ESLint. The Angular open source community came together and developed a third-party solution that offers a migration path through typescript-eslint, angular-eslint, and tslint-to-eslint-config! The Angular team has collaborated to ensure a smooth transition to the supported Linting stack for developers.

The utilization of Codelyzer has also been deprecated in version 11. The ng lint command will now suggest recommended project inclusions for developers, just like ng deploy.

In summation

As a parting thought, Angular is growing from strength to strength with high usability and fabulous features. Angular rolls out two versions per year in a time span of six months. With the Angular 11 launched on the fourteenth of November, we ought to anticipate the release of the following variant in the first quarter of 2021. Every AngularJS mobile app development company is buzzing with activity thanks to the functionality and feature rich Angular 11. This is also the perfect time to hire AngularJS developers.

Angular 11 is a major release and with the various intriguing highlights, features, and type safety upgrades for pipes and reactive forms, it has worked wonders in increasing coding ease and developer efficiency. We are sitting tight for the following version of Angular that should present some intriguing highlights like Ivy-based language administration and Angular 11 help of Nrwl NX.

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