Best Places for Families in Denver

Metro Denver is a fantastic place to raise a family – just ask the 3 million people who call it home! While the idea of living in such a large city with such a great population may sound intimidating, Denver is actually home to several family-friendly neighborhoods and suburbs. With Denver’s stable economy, scenery, and cultural attractions, parents will feel comfortable raising their kids here.

If you are looking for some specific places in or around Denver that are perfect for families, I’ve got you covered. For those moving to Denver, this list will be a helpful starting point for your home buying experience.

1. Highlands Ranch

This is a community that is about 15 miles south of Denver, and a favorite of local families. It is home to excellent schools and has little crime. For example, the Douglas County School System is top-rated and places an emphasis on incorporating technology. In addition to the great schools, Highlands Ranch offers families several recreational options such as parks and trails.

2. Littleton

South of downtown Denver, Littleton is another area that families flock to. It easily accessible through the rail system, but it is very much its own unique town. The home prices range from middle-class homes to homes in the millions. Families that love dining out will appreciate the unique historic downtown area that features several restaurants and shops. Littleton is also home to several parks and recreation centers.

3. Parker

If you are looking for something quieter, consider the Parker area, which is about twenty minutes south of Denver. While many consider Parker a commuter town, the locals love its Western downtown area and the Parker Arts, Culture and Events Center. Parker is a wonderful place for those who love the arts to call home. Plus, families send their children to the top-rated Douglas County school system.

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