Best Hobby Toys for Techies

Don’t we all love fun? It’s easy to assume techies or geeks don’t but that’s not correct. Well, if you happen to be one and oftentimes you are bored to death, there’s a range of options to meet your taste.  We have done the homework and availed them to you.

If you are also thinking of what to gift your techie or geeky friend, these hobby toys will make your work easier. Pick one, take it to them and wear your best smile as you listen in to him/her mouth off why Samsung’s Note 7 should be re-made into an explosive device.

Samsung Gear VR Samsung Gear VR

Virtual reality took gaming to a whole new level and it doesn’t seem to stop at gaming alone; it has already crossed over to real estate, film, and other areas. What makes virtual reality unique is that it gives the user a first-hand experience.

Of course there’s a sizeable number of techies who relish gaming and watching and the Samsung Gear VR kit takes care of that. It’s entertaining to use and brings a unique kind of interactivity to the media in question.

Already, most games and films have special versions for VR and more are being made year after year.  So this makes the kit a cool hobby toy most techies wouldn’t mind having in their possession.

XYZ 3D printer

XYZ 3D printer

When the concept came out, nearly every techie wanted a piece of this mind-blowing technology- printing 3D projects. Well, even though the printers have been on the higher end of the price range, new models have emerged and they come at an affordable price.

Take the XYZ 3D printer, for instance. It’s affordable, small in size and easy to use with unlimited options.  You can design your 3D objects on your computer and thereafter print it into an object. You can create the complete objects or parts to use in creating the object.

Just imagining the range of things you could do with this affordable printer, you wouldn’t wish to lack it in your collection of hobby toys.

LEGO MindStorms EV3

LEGO MindStorms EV3

You want to build yourself a real robot? Congratulations! But keep in mind if you aren’t a natural geek, you’ll need to spend years in class studying some engineering and programming before you finally get your way around that.

However, LEGO’s Mindstorms sets don’t need all of that yet can help you build a robot. They are but flexible robotics kits with motors, sensors, an automated brain and other technical components that you can combine to make a robot. Yeah, it’s simple as that.

Unlike its previous versions, the current version is more intelligent, faster and flexible. So with this kit, you can delve into robotics and have a plenty of fun trying out new things in this space.

Puzzlebox Orbit

Puzzlebox Orbit

Who thought there would come a time when meditation would go tech? Cheers if you did! This mind-controlled little helicopter named Puzzlebox Orbit does just that. You want to freshen up your mind or meditate but in a playful manner, get this super smart device.

Technically, it’s a little helicopter you could control straight away from your mind. What’s required is for you to dedicate your concentration on this unit. Its EEG headset will then take note of your mind readings and use that to steer the little helicopter into flying by observing your instructions.

It also works with the help of both an iOS and Android app where you can get feedback on the status of your mind. Always put your mind to rest after putting yourself through heavy work. Any techie with attention to mind development will fall in love with this.

Mini drones

Mini drones

Drone technology gets better by the day and for this reason, we now have mini drones. Being relatively smaller means it’s easier to handle them and come at a cheaper price. But that’s just the basic attributes.

As you fly them, you could also capture images or record videos. Initially, this was a feature reserved for the larger drones but that’s history now. Mini drones are also good for practice as they could help you refine your drone flying skills.

Already, there are plenty of them in the market right now but not all of them will meet your expectations unless you narrow down to the top mini quadcopters with cameras, especially if you are a photographer.

Well, these five sum up our list of best hobby toys any serious techie would possibly kill to have.  Of course, there are plenty of them out here but before you go any further, be sure to lay your hands on any of these if you haven’t done so yet.

Also, if you’ve been looking to gift your techie/geeky buddy, pick any amongst these that you feel will suit them best and you will be glad you did because he/she will not help to just like it.

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