Use the Maximum Benefits of Self Adhesive Lables

Self Adhesive Lables

One of the most important choices you need to make when you are marketing and selling your products is what kind of label to use. Professional labelling solutions help convey the appropriate legal and health information required for products, as well as make your products stand out on the shelves and accurately convey your brand image and ideas.

One choice of professional label is the self-adhesive label. What are self-adhesive labels and are there any benefits to using these kinds of labels for your product packaging? Here we take a quick look at self-adhesive labels and their uses.

What Are Self-Adhesive Labels?

Self-adhesive labels are also described in terms of pressure sensitive labels. They are created when you print the text and images you need on the label onto a label construction that is made up of three layers. The first layer in the self-adhesive label is called the release liner, which is the carrier or also known as the glassine or backing paper. The next layer is a layer of adhesive. And the third layer is a face material.

About the Release Liner

The release liner, according to, is constructed from paper and has a silicone coating which is placed on one side, which enables the liner to come away cleanly from the label. In some cases there is a need for the liner to be made from plastic as it is easier to apply at high speeds (it does not rip or break like paper has a tendency to). But in general the choice is paper, and if you have a specific need for plastic there is an added cost associated.

About the Adhesives

While you may not get much of a choice in terms of liner, you do get to choose from many adhesives when it comes to making your label stick. A common choice is a water-based permanent adhesive or a water-based peelable adhesive. There is also a choice of a hot melt adhesive that works well in environments where there is moisture involved. In addition, there are many other options to choose from and your decision will rest on how you will be using the product and your budget.

Face Materials for Self-Adhesive Labels

Many of the face materials for labels are made from polyester, and you can also get paper labels. The material for this part of the label also depends on the product, what use it is going to get, the overall budget, and what will be printed on the label. There are a lot of options for your packaging needs.

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