Health and Skincare Benefits of Avocado, Fuller’s Earth, & Coconut

When it comes to the beauty and health, everybody is particular about what they are having in their routines. Vegetables, fruits, other beauty products for a fairer complexion and an even skin tone. But what we miss is the fact that beauty comes naturally and hence can be enhanced naturally.
Here we talk about the interesting facts and benefits of well-known items that may be out of your knowledge but not out of your sight!

Avocado – A Nutrients Booster

Benefits of Avocado

Claimed as fruit, Avocado stands out from the queue, with its high nutritional and rich in healthy fat qualities. It won’t be wrong to say that Avocado is a perfect fruit companion in your daily diet. Also Use it as a face mask.

Highly vulnerable and rich in more than 20 vitamins and minerals, Avocado is a natural source of fiber, B-vitamins, Vitamin E, potassium, folic acid and contains small amounts of Iron, copper, Zinc, etc.

Stay free of Cholesterol

Apart from its high consistency for proteins, calories, and healthy fats, these are absolutely free from cholesterol and do not contain saturated fat.

Consumption of Avocado results in a decrease in 10-20% of cholesterol, blood triglycerides and increases the content of good cholesterol. The risks of heart attacks and other life-threatening issues are lowered by a low-fat vegetarian diet.

Valuable for Prevention of Cancer and Arthritis

The pros and cons of avocado are many, but none of them works well in this direction. A complete fact study that suggests that Avocado may be helpful in the prevention of cancer and also inhibits the prostate cancer cell’s growth. Moreover, it may show positive effects in restricting any side effects of chemotherapy.

Extracts of Avocado along with soyabean oil is considered as a powerful ingredient in reducing the symptoms of Arthritis of bones.

Most Loved – Loose Weight

Avocado is seen to have a control over hunger and thus, an avocado in your regular diet independent of the ways to use avocados, lets you consume lower calories than other days. This makes them a weight loss friendly fruit!



Gone are the days when you were forced to live with your original complexion. Indeed tons of products have flooded the markets promising beautiful looks, but here we say – OLD IS GOLD! Fuller’s earth power, usually addressed as Multani Mitti is a fall in love with your skin type clay, and commits various health advantages as well. It is even helpful in killing bacterias and digestion.

Let’s watch out what Fullers skin Clay mask does to your skin:

  • De tans your skin, making it fresh again
  • Tightens pores and removes Blackheads and whiteheads effectively
  • Vanishes the scars and beautify your skin tone
  • Say no to inflammation with fullers earth power
  • Works on acne and pimples

Hair benefits with fullers earth

Like your skin, fullers earth promises to cleanse and exfoliate your hair scalp, which turns out to be a great alternative for a healthy and dandruff free scalp. Removing the unwanted dead hair ends, it is a perfect hair ingredient to get rid of split ends. Fuller’s earth nourishes your hair, conditions them and takes care of your proper hair growth.

Also, with the cooling effects of fullers earth, it is most likely to resist hair bumps in summers.



Everything about coconuts is impressive. One may call it as a “super food” for its health divines. An organic coconut or any other forms of coconut promise you favorable outcomes.

Medicinal properties of coconut

The biggest source of saturate fat, yet completely harmless and helpful in the digestive track. Coconuts are the vulnerable source of energy and are recommended for their therapeutic effects on certain disorder related to the brain such as Alzheimers etc.

Natural Health benefits

Numerous examples have proved that coconuts are a big YES! For a great health. Benefits of coconut oil have proved to be valid as they actually kill harmful microorganisms and healthy saturated acids result in low cholesterol levels. Coconuts tend to burn more unnecessary fats leaving you fit and healthy.
Coconuts also strike on hunger actives and thus, minimize them helping you eat less and put on less weight.

Coconut as a beauty product

All though there are various benefits of eating raw coconut but in times of beautiful looks, it has nothing to do with eating. Coconuts have been utilized for cosmetic purposes to improve skin and hair textures. They show impressive results for hair damage, dry skins and work effectively as a sunscreen.

It is like a dream to every individual to cherish glorious skin and amazing looks along with healthy attire. The above-mentioned benefits of Avocado, Fuller’s earth, and coconut genuinely work and provide you optimum results. These are highly enriched in quality substitutes, functioning accordingly. Try these out in your diet plan and make yourself healthy and attractive!