Know About Farriers

All You Need To Know About Farriers?

Have you ever seen a person coming to your stable and doing certain things with your horses’ hooves? Do you know who they are? Farriers? Right. If you have ever met a farrier, then you must have seen him carrying a farrier tool kit with him. Ever thought about what tools he uses, where he gets them from, and what they are called? 

But do you know who farriers actually are? What do they do? What tools they horses you are not aware of any of these facts then we are here to tell you everything you need to know about them.

Know About Farriers

Who are the farriers?

Farriers are professionals who are specialized in equine hoof care. They have the qualities of both veterinarians as well as blacksmiths. They have skills across various disciplines that include infections to biomechanics.

These farriers have a great biomechanical understanding, which they use in fitting a personalized shoe for the horses.

This process further helps the horses to improve the problems that they have been struggling with. These farriers take care of the horse hooves and carry tool kits with them, which they usually purchase from EASYTRIMLONDON farrier equipment.

The farrier takes care of the horses’ hooves by cleaning them, which further results in a healthy horse hoof.

What are some of the common problems that always farrier lookout?

Some common problems that farriers always lookout are bad heels and the rotation of the foot. They make sure that the heels are open and straight, especially when they are in their growing period.

They make sure that there is no sign of rotation inward as well as outward. If there is a sign of rotation, it can cause hurt to the rest of the horse’s leg.

Farriers make sure that they identify the signs earlier before it becomes worse. They make sure that the horses have a healthy, thick hoof wall and neat toes that are not too long.

What are the things that a farrier does?

Farriers specialize in equine hoof care, and they make and fit shoes for the horses. They have qualities of both the veterinarian and the blacksmith, which means that they ensure a healthy life for the horses.

Some of the things that farriers do are mentioned below

  • They discuss the requirements of the horseshoeing with the owner of the horse.
  • They check the horse’s leg, foot as well as hoof. They make sure that the excess hoof is cut off and is appropriately balanced.
  • They help select the shoe that is the most suitable one for the horse, keeping its size, foot condition in mind. They also keep in mind the working conditions and the horse’s activity in mind while doing so.
  • As mentioned above, the farriers have the blacksmith’s quality, and they make horseshoes using machines and their hands.
  • They are knowledgeable and know how to adjust the horseshoes’ shape with the help of a hammer and an anvil.
  • They know how to make horseshoes and fit them.

What does one need to do to become a farrier?

If you are inspired by what farriers do and looking forward to becoming one, we would like to provide you with information to help you understand everything about the Farriers and their tools.

The first thing needed to be a farrier is a lot of patience, physical fitness, and good practical skills. One needs to have excellent communication skills as a farrier because there would be a time when you will have to talk with the horse owners and the veterinarians.

One needs to have knowledge of both art and science in this career. In order to be a professional farrier, one needs to get himself registered with the Farriers Registration Council.

Besides that, one can only register here when he holds a four-year apprenticeship with an approved training farrier. Once you have done these, you can now call yourself a professional farrier and continue to work with customers in their farms, riding schools, and stables

Farriers is a good career option, and it requires a lot of experience to do specific tasks. It is a soul-satisfying and lucrative trade, and not everyone has the capability to become a successful farrier.

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