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All You Need To Know About Batting Cage Nets

Batting Cage Nets

Nets are highly popular and are used for various tasks. Nets are used in sports to protect the environment from being damaged, used to control birds, used to protect people when falling from heights, used for fishing, used for climbing, and much more.

So, it is clear that the net is used in a wide range of applications. Various websites are available that have years of experience in selling Netting. You just have to contact a reputable netting provider and can discuss your netting needs. They will understand their needs carefully and deliver you the right netting on time.

Now let’s talk about Sports

Various sports are there like cricket, golf, baseball, etc. that require the use of netting. Basketball Nets are available nowadays in which you can practice hard the game you like the most. In my opinion, batting cage nets is a perfect choice to improve your batting technique.

You can practice anytime in these batting cage nets and can quickly become a pro player. This allows you to practice the game you like without harming the environment. When you hit the ball with the bat, it strikes the net and comes back. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the environment and can improve your game quickly.

Types of Batting Cages

Permanent Pro Batting Cage

They are installed permanently in a field with the use of cement construction. A typical pro cage is made up of a series of sections of frames that look like croquet hoops inside frame’s steel sections.

Batting Cage Kit

Best for backyards, it can be installed instantly. They are easy to move and take only a maximum of 90 minutes to set up.

Batter Up Style Batting Cage

They resemble dome tents and are small, taking up very little space.

Bat-co Cage

Compared to the standard system of netting, it is 20% taller and 50% wider.

Netting providers will offer you solid batting cage nets at an affordable price. Various websites are there but must choose a reputable and trustworthy one to get the high quality knitted nylon netting. Some of the websites also offer a netting calculator in which you just have to mention width, height, length, gauge, and border.

They will work on your requirement and design the netting of your needs before time. Are you thinking about what borders and gauges are? If so, then don’t worry I will explain it to you in detail.


It is simply the thickness or you can say the diameter. Different gauges are there. But make sure the higher the gauge, the lesser the thickness. It means that the # 18 gauge is much thicker than #21. Every netting differs from each other from breaking strength and their use. So, select the gauge according to your netting needs. Here is the explanation of some of the gauges.

  • #18: This netting offers a breaking strength of 194 lbs and has a lifespan of 2 to 3 years if you use it moderately.
  • #21: This thickness perfectly works well as a backstop net. This netting has a breaking strength of 237 lbs and will last with you for 3 to 5 years if used moderately.
  • #24: This netting has a breaking strength of 237 lbs and will last with you for 5 to 7 years if used as a baseball backstop net.
  • #36: This is the most popular gauge option. Schools, colleges, league teams, etc use this net option for their batting cage. If you are thinking about its thickness, it has a thickness of half the pencil. It has a breaking strength of 345 lbs and lasts with you for 4 to 6 years if used as a batting cage net.
  • #42: This netting provides 435 lbs breaking strength and has a duration or you can say the lifespan of 5 to 7 years if you use it as a batting cage.
  • #48: This netting has a breaking strength of 485 lbs and will last with you for 8 to 10 years if used as a batting cage nets.

A number of gauges are there. I have explained only a few. Readout all these points and decide which netting gauge will best suit your needs. So, don’t forget to buy it. You can efficiently improve your batting technique and take the sports you like quickly to the next level. Look for a batting cage net that comes with vinyl borders at the seams with grommets for ease in set up.

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