All That You Need to Know About Pitch Perfect 3

Pitch Perfect 3 is all set to hit the theatres on December 30th 2017 and what we can say is that we are looking forward for the Barden Bellas to work their charm on us like they did in the first two films. In this article we are going to come up with all the things that one needs to know about the third installment of the Pitch Perfect series. The Pitch Perfect 3 is going to come up with a brand new cas and a whole new story that will surely make us look forward to the movie. Starting with the cast members to the movie release date we are going to provide you all that you need to know before the movie hits the silver screen.

Pitch Perfect 3

Starting with the cast of the movie Pitch Perfect 3 Trinidad James is all set to join the cast of the Pitch Perfect 3 gang. Hailee Steinfeld, Anna Camp, Ruby Rose and Brittany Snow have already made the news with their appearance in the third installment of the movie. The old cast members including  Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Banks and co-star John Michael Higgins are going to be seen in the movie as well. Pitch Perfect 2″ ended with the graduation of most of the Barden Bellas, and since Beca and Chloe left the position for the lead post there is a possibility that Emily Junk played by Hailee Steinfeld taking over the leader position for the Bellas. Since both movies of the Pitch Perfect series were filmed on and around Louisiana State University’s campus in Baton Rouge, probably we will have the gang coming back to the Barden University in this installment. Coming to the Pitch Perfect 3 release date we hear that the date has been changed several times before. Initially the original date of the movie was on July 21, 2017, but the film was then pushed back to Aug. 4, 2017 before returning to its original date. However, recently, the movie Pitch Perfect 3 release has been finally settled to the date of December 22, 2017. Now coming to the roles played by the cast we are going to give you the details. Anna Kendrick will be playing the role of Beca Mitchell, the lead of the Barden Bellas, Rebel Wilson plays the role of Barden Bella Fat Amy. Brittany Snow will be seen playing senior Chloe Beale. Anna Camp will be seen playing the role of Aubrey Posen. Hailee Steinfeld will be seen playing the role of Emily Junk, who is going to join the  Bellas as a freshman in Pitch Perfect 2. Elizabeth Banks will be seen returning to the role of the director in the third installment. Other than that we do not have much idea about the other new addition in the cast of the Pitch Perfect 3.

In conclusion, we can say that we are pumped to see the Barden Bellas giving their very best yet again and making us swoon to the beats of their performance.

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