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We all are used to play online games, more or less. With the invention of smartphones and due to the availability of 24/7 internet, playing online games for hours is not a big deal anymore. Today I’ll talk about one such online game, which is different from the typical online games and once you understand the trick of playing it, you are going to enjoy it thoroughly.

What Is This Game is an online game, created by Matheus Valadares, in 2015. If you are playing this game, then as a player your goal would be to gulp small cells without being gulped by the big ones. It is a multi-player game, and you can play this game online with gamers all over the world. is available in both Android and i-OS versions.

Note: The name of this game might sound a bit strange to you due to the prefix “io.” This “io” here implies a particular domain allotted to the British Indian Ocean Territory. There are several other games with this domain, namely,,,, etc.

A Little Bit More …

The key objective of playing this game is to prevent your cell from other bigger cells and at the same time eat smaller cells to make your cell the biggest cell in the block.

Confused already? Well! It might sound confusing, but once you start playing, you would find it more and more addictive. There are all total four approaches to play this game. They are Free For All(FFA), Teams, Experimental Party and Rush. In the browser version, Rush mode is not available, while in the mobile version only FFA and Rush modes are available.

Though your main objective is to make your cell bigger, but simultaneously, keeping the law of Physics intact, the bigger your cell becomes, the lesser will you be able to move. So, you’ll have to be very alert. Now suppose, your cell has grown too big to move, then all you’ve to do is press the “SPACE” button, and your cell would be split into two pieces. But remember, if all your cells are eaten, you won’t have a choice left, and you’ll have to restart the game. also has the customization option to change your skins, phrases, logos, etc.

The Twist Of This Game

The twist of this game is, there are some system generated viruses, which are moving around. And if your cell ever collides with a virus, then it would be split into a large number of small pieces. And by now you probably understand, how risky it is to move in small pieces, don’t you?

So, now you understand how engaging and at the same time alarming this game is, right?

If you loved reading about this game, then trust you would love it when I tell you that there are several other online games like Each equally captivating and interesting.

You can find out about those games on Give it a read, now.

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