A Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Brings Two Cutting Solutions for Metal Parts and Components Processing

Laser Cutting

Recent years fiber laser cutting machine has been developed rapidly with more investment and effort put into the industry. From machine design, manufacturing technology to practical applications, the manufacturers are always devoted to providing powerful metal cutting solutions for a wide range of industries. Now the fiber laser cutter surprises users by virtue of its excellent performance in metal processing field.

A fiber laser cutting machine actually offers 2 cutting plans for metals – metal sheets cutting and metal tubes cutting. Most basics about fiber laser cutting machine convey that the machine is very capable of processing metals, especially sheet metals, with high quality and cutting speed. However, little was told to common people that this advanced metal processing solution can also work well on metal tubes or metal pipes. And when customers buy a fiber laser cutter, standard configuration usually is a set of equipment for metal sheets cutting. The configuration for metal tubes cutting is optional according to individual application.

Metal parts and components processing field has now posed a strict requirement for precision and standardization as the development of mechanical industries. Then fiber laser cutting machine is just the right choice for processing highly precise metal parts and tools. No matter metal sheets or metal tubes, it can cut both of them with satisfying results.

Let’s firstly talk about how it works on metal sheets cutting. The high-speed and strongly welded lathe bed of fiber cooperates with gantry, servo motors, lead screws, rack, etc. to ensure the stability of cutting process. Put the metal sheet on the work table, the fiber laser system will work as per the settings in software system. Input the design drawings of metal parts and components to the computer or design new styles with CypCut software. Then start the cutting work. The laser head won’t touch the material directly and only the fiber laser beam is cast onto the surface of metals during cutting work. Meanwhile, the auxiliary gas (oxygen or nitrogen, depending on metal types) will blow away residues to keep cleanliness of lathe bed and material surface, and guarantee the smooth cutting edge of each product. To achieve perfect fiber laser cutting, users should choose reliable laser head, control system and other parts for the fiber laser cutter, that is, a trustworthy machine manufacturer is key to users’ fiber laser cutting business.

Then, let’s dive into the work principles of metal tubes laser cutting. As mentioned before, the equipment used for metal tubes cutting is optional and it uses an independent control system called CypTube. The rotary axis is the main part where metal tubes are fixed to be processed. It can process metal tubes with different lengths and diameters with as good precision and quality as that of sheet metals cutting. If users need to cut metal sheets as well as metal tubes, they can install these two sets of equipment together, and control them by one computer in which two laser cutting software is installed compatibly. Of course the rotary axis can be easily dismantled in a few steps when not in use, which is convenient for users’ operation and maintenance on the whole fiber laser cutting machine.

Nowadays fiber laser cutter has become a popular mechanical equipment in metal parts and components processing industries. Its high-efficiency cutting performance and low-cost maintenance are creating more miracles for daily life and work.

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