5 Ways Solo Female Travelers Can Stay Safe

Traveling alone can be a time of self-discovery. You can go wherever you want and choose any restaurant or food you’d like without having to please anyone. You can stay up all night or go to bed early. You can visit any place you desire.

Taking on solo adventures is a great experience, and with Wi-Fi available in most areas, you never have to feel alone. Friends and family are as close as your cell phone or laptop. But there can be risks when you travel alone as well, and taking a few precautions can help you rest easier at night. Here are some ways solo female travelers can stay safe.

1. Carry Protection

As a woman, you have to remember you won’t have the brute strength some perpetrators have. You can, however, even the playing field by carrying either mace or a handgun. Sometimes simply brandishing a weapon is enough to make rapists and other criminal offenders flee. If you’re looking for a handgun contact Glocks Nashville TN.

2. Keep Your Cell Phone With You

Always make it a point to carry your cell phone with you wherever you go. Let friends and family members know where you are and where you’re going. Tell loved ones you plan on calling them at a specific time or when you reach a certain destination. That way, they’ll know to call for help if you don’t contact them.

3. Trust Your Gut

Your sixth sense is there for a reason. If a certain place or situation makes you uncomfortable, get out of there immediately. Far better to have to find another hotel for the night or eat in a different restaurant than to put yourself in a dangerous situation.

By following these tips, you’ll stay safe and enjoy that awesome time of traveling alone.

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