5 Things You Need to Know About BPO

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is a subset of outsourcing that is concerned and focused with contracting the operations and duties of a particular business process to a third-party service provider.With many call centers in the Philippines, the BPO industry is arguably one of the most popular sources among Filipinos of varying age groups.

In relatively recent years, the BPO industry in the Philippines has grown and developed into a multi-billion-dollarcommercial enterprise that provides job opportunities for a large portion of the country’s overall population.

But despite the undeniable progress that the BPO industry has seen, there are still many individuals that are hesitant to work in a BPO company. This is mainly due to the many stigmatized notions that surround the BPO industry ‘lifestyle’. Below are 5 facts that put a more truthful perspective on the BPO industry.

There are many opportunities

The BPO industry has a wide selection of job opportunities for all types of job seekers, especially for those that are fresh graduates. Contrary to common notions, BPOs do not just solely offer call center type jobs. They also hire many graphic designers, web developers, content writers, IT specialists, accountants, human resource personnel, just to name a few.

Schedules are shifting

There are indeed BPO companies that operate 24 hours a day. But the load of the work does not just hold its gravity on the night shift as to meeting clientele in the western hemisphere. Another fact is that BPO companies do not just serve to United States based clients. The industry actually caters to a wide range of countries with prime hours set in sync with daytime here in the Philippines.

There are great benefits and career growth is fast

BPOs provide health insurance plans for regular employees and can even be extended to the immediate members of their families. There are even some BPO companies that have programs for those that plan to go back to school while working lighter schedule loads.

For other industries, promotions usually take up to about 5 to 10 years, but in the BPO industry, personal and professional goals are rapid in productivity path.

There are varieties of facilities

Despite the common image, BPO companies are not just offices with combined rows of cubicles with stationed phones and computers. BPO companies also provide activities as well as facilities that encourage the productivity of employees. These include: gyms, cafeterias, nap rooms, and even entertainment rooms that are constructed solely and exclusively for employees. BPO buildings and offices are not the bleak, dry, boring, and dreary working spaces that many paint them out to be.

A discrimination-free working environment

Arguably the best aspect to working at a BPO is that the industry accepts people regardless of their backgrounds. They do not discriminate employees and potential hires based on gender, religion, age, or even educational credentials. Everybody gets an equal opportunity in the BPO industry.

Key Takeaway

There are many call centers here in the Philippines thatmake up a large portion of the country’s BPO industry. It is wrong to completely accept the negative impressions that people spread about BPO culture. But there are actually many aspects that show how these stigmas are false.

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