5 Productivity Apps Which are a Must-Have for All Users

Mainstream productivity applications are streamlined to create content such as databases, documents, spreadsheets, graphics and visual content. The user applications are designed to be most automated ones to increase the ease for the users. These applications are generally online based for better networking statics as they facilitate instant working.

The very basic productivity applications are the word processors which provide you with a platform to access and edit documents on a bigger level all at one place. Some supporting productivity applications also provide for collaboration and communication services.

These applications basically intend to make your job easy by avoiding all the messy stuff that could obstruct you.

Here is a list of five best productivity apps that you definitely need to have for yourself-:

  1. Microsoft application

Microsoft is one among the most established platforms which offers a diverse platter of services which maintains its user familiarity. Microsoft applications are the first choice for any professional or non-professional users is because of the list of features that it offers-:

  • User-friendly framework

  • Offers variety of apps for all kinds of works that users have

  • It has a feature of merging which lets you access all your devices remotely.

  • It offers all sorts of services like communication, word processing, enterprise resource planning, digital advisory services, and cloud connection services.

  1. Scanbot

It is one of the best apps that lessens the misery that one has with paper documents and it does so with its excellence at scanning documents. It also has this great feature of converting the scanned image into pdf form, which is really required by users for making it up to the daily work. This application has a link with leading applications such as the Newton emails which makes your working on tasks easier and allows you to do everything at the same place. Applications like these also provide remote access options and have a common sync option for the user.

  1. Evernote

It is the most popular app on the go that is particularly because of the tons of features it has. It does loads of work together while facilitating you with the best features such as the sync option, offline support for users, and cross-platform support. The section helps users to reduce the number of efforts they have to put on different apps to complete their work. It also offers an option of collaboration which is quite useful for the professional users. It offers a series of sharing options too which lessens the work for users. It can be accessed on different devices which definitely increases the utility of the application.

This application offers users with a variety of features-:

  • Cross platform support, which allows you to access the application on all sorts of supportive platforms.

  • Offline support for all its users so that they can access the app even where network errors are common.

  1. Newton mails

The best service offering which lets you organize and function things well and maintain a good hand at work. It integrates all your email connections and handles them with reference to the receiving and sending of emails. The basic notion of mailing is done better by the use of single set contacts that allows you to make a note of all contacts and their conversations. This app lets you solve the problems of searching for email and connections that you wish to connect with.

It has following features which make it the best choice you ever made-:

  • It supports all sorts of email platforms.

  • The interface is easy and simple to use

  • It hosts a series of plugins such as the Evernote, Trello, and others

  • Syncing support for rb n+emote use

  1. Basecamp 3

This is the best application out there to assist you with the project management tasks as it reduces the time and efforts of the users and makes work easier. The app has excellent features like it keeps a track record of all the client feedback, it allows you to chat, a variety of sharing options keeps and tells you of the set reminders.

The application has a plenty more which makes it easier for users to choose it over other applications.

These applications allow your work to be better at every step, making functioning easily through the availability of so many options. They improve accessing problems that are common these days which definitely need solutions. These applications are a must-have for all the professional users out there, as they create ease and improve efficiency levels. These applications are used by millions of users on both paid and non-paid basis making them a necessary option for working.

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The author of the article is Kitts Witts Professional Assignment Writer at Assignment Globe, and entrepreneur, international research scholar, master of legal studies and international laws, Master of Arts and literature, Ph.D. in international laws.

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