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5 Most Controversial Moments of Premier League Football News

England and Football are inseparable. The two share a very rich and long history. FA Premier League, the domestic football league here was founded in 1992. The year was momentous in the history of England as it saw 22 top-tier football clubs bidding adieu with the football league. The aim was to upturn their revenues and gain competitive edge for victory in European competitions. Income was raised by trading TV rights independently by these clubs to the Football League.

The Football League also had some controversial moments during matches and with its players. Here are the top 7 most controversial moments within the English Premier League history:

1. Cantona and His Kung-Fu Kick

Perhaps the most controversial moment in English Premier League history, Eric Cantona performed a kung fu kick on one of the fans. The player simply dived into the crowd at Crystal Palace and kicked the fan who had been provoking him as he made his way to the tunnel after being shown the red card. Cantona’s action was not taken lightly. He was issued with one hundred and twenty hours of community service and fined £20,000. The player was also banned from playing for the rest of the season.

2. Fight on the Pitch – Kieron Dyer & Lee Bowyer

The defeat of Newcastle (3-0) at Aston Villa in the year 2005 had the two players fighting on the pitch. Kieron Dyer & Lee Bowyer apologized for the behavior by appearing in a press conference soon after the game with Graeme Souness, the then Newcastle manager. Although they apologized for their behavior, they did not make an apology to each other.

3. DiCanio Pushes over Referee

This came as quite a huge shock among football fans. During a game in 1998 against the ruling champs Arsenal, DiCanio got into a brawl with Martin Keown and Patrick Vieira. The player simply kicked and tried to take hold of Keown in the face, besides kicking the Arsenal supporter. Referee Paul Durkin showed DiCanio the red card. In another fit of range, the player pushed referee who fell to the ground in an amusing way. The Premier League Football news reported it as one of the most controversial and embarrassing moments in Premier League history. A fine of £10,000 was charged against Di Canio. He also received a ban (11-match).

4. Adebayor Goal Celebration

This is considered as one of the most memorable moments in the history of football. Emmanuel Adebayor played against his former club right after a move from Arsenal to Manchester City. The game was played at The City of Manchester Stadium for the 2009-2010 season. It was a 4-2 victory for Man City. Adebayor marred it soon after his goal ran the length of the pitch. Arsenal fans moved into a celebration mood which nearly took shape of a euphoric riot.

5. Campbell Plays for Arsenal

Football fans know Sol Campbell as “Mr Tottenham” This is what he was referred to as during the 1990’s. He served as a terrific defender and one of the best club captains of the era. In 2001, the player switched loyalties and joined the rivals Arsenal. This was soon after he was felicitated with a contract in the year 2001 which turned him as the highest paid player in the history of the club. The free transfer caused a chaos in the world of football. People were shocked at his transfer because he had earlier declared that he would never play for the rivals. The Spurs fans call him “Judas”. Even today, Campbell is viewed upon as one of the biggest traitors in the history of Premier League football.

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