5 Designing Tips to Create Eye-Catching Social Media Content

You might have noticed that a visually appealing content attracts your major attention on social media. But, only a visually memorable content is what you are able to remember for long. Many people are often seen paying attention to only visuals and ignoring the content. If you are doing the same mistake then it is time to change the concept that you have been using for your social media content. In this article, you will get to know some smart tips that will help you create some amazing eye-catching social media content for your brand page.

1. Identify Your Goal

While creating social media content, the one thing that is most important for getting started with designing is a goal. Set a goal around which you will be creating content for social media. Working with a vision always helps to deliver better results. Especially, designing needs a clear vision mixed with the right amount of creativity. You can start the process of defining your goals with a few questions:

  • What is the purpose of this post?
  • Is my end goal related to driving sales?
  • Do I want to increase my website traffic?
  • Am I trying to increase engagement on my page?

Make sure you have done all the required research while answering these questions.

2. Color

Color is, of course, the major aspect of every designing process. It gives you a clear vibe of the whole content. Every color has a different impact and meaning on our psychology. You need to find a color scheme that conveys all the right emotions to your audience. You don’t need to hire a professional for doing this task. Instead, create cool social media content using free designing tool like Canva.

3. Text

Don’t confuse it with typography. Although typography is also a tip that we will discuss after this, a text is a sequence of words. When performing a branding activity, communication plays a crucial role. Here that communication is done through the text that you include. Every word that you use should define the brand and its impact on the audience. However, when creating a design for social media, always stay away from overcrowding an image.

4, Typography

Typography is a part of presenting the text that you finalized in the above step. A lot depends upon the kind of fonts you use to convey it. Using the right typography is as important as picking up a correct color palette. Don’t play too much with the fonts. Your content should have not more than two to three different fonts.

5. Good contrast

Many of us must have never heard about the negative space, also known as white space. Negative space is a very nice way to make your image stand out. Contrast impacts the whole view of the content. Using the right contrast is the key that comes with the right selection of colors.

Social media content can help you generate a large amount of lead for your brand. I hope this article helped you to come across some amazing tips for creating  eye-catching social media content. In case of any doubt, do feel free to contact us through the comment section below. Thanks!