5 Benefits Of Renting A Studio Apartment In Singapore As A student

Singapore is home to many residents. It is home to local Singaporeans and foreigners. Since it is one of the world’s most active economies hotspots, it has one of the busiest streets. People from different walks of life scramble in Singapore on the daily basis. However, if there is one thing they have in common, it is that they are all trying to fit in the small spaces of Singapore. 

Singapore is known to have one of the highest costs of living as it has a small land area. With its many residents, the demand for housing arrangements is relatively high. With the simple law of supply and demand, it is understandable why it has one of the highest costs of living.  People are always in competition with one another for a cheap apartment for rent in Singapore. With this, will you be able to find a $1000 rental for a studio apartment in Singapore? Is it advisable for students to live in a studio apartment in Singapore? Let us find out by talking about the 5 benefits of renting a studio apartment in Singapore as a student. 

#1 Better locations

Landlords usually build their apartments in strategic locations. This is because they are usually meant for people who are either working or studying. Thus, they are placed in areas that are near schools, workplaces, and other infrastructure like transportation. Landlords know that placing these apartments in these locations means that they will be more people wanting to rent their units. It may be harder to find a $1000 rental for studio apartments in Singapore in these areas because the competition is high. So, finding a cheap apartment for rent in Singapore in these areas is practical. 

#2 Low cost

Since studio apartments are relatively smaller, it also means that it costs less. Studio apartments are the epitome of a cheap apartment for rent in Singapore since it is comfortable and costs less. There is usually a $1000 rental for a studio apartment in Singapore or even cheaper. Having a small-sized apartment means that you will also be spending less on utilities like electricity and water bills. This type of apartment requires fewer lights and less amount of air conditioning. So, if you are looking for an apartment that will be more sustainable in the long run, studio apartments are perfect.

#3 Fully-furnished units

Since landlords meant for these units to be rented out, they usually add amenities. Some may even fully furnish their units. Meaning landlords put the basic appliances and furniture needed in our daily lives. This way it is more appealing to renters. For a cheap apartment for rent in Singapore to have these kinds of amenities, it is a good deal. You can now spend less on shopping for furniture and appliances since it is provided. Although for a $1000 rental for a studio apartment in Singapore units, there might be available semi-furnished units. However, it might be rare to find fully-furnished ones.

#4 Low maintenance 

This $1000 rental for a studio apartment in Singapore units is also easy to maintain. Since you have less space to clean and less clutter, it will be wiser to keep things in order. You can opt not to hire someone to clean since it is easy to maintain. A 1-bedroom or a 2-bedroom unit can be harder to clean and maintain since there are a lot of things in your area. Cheap apartments for rent in Singapore units come with more practicality. As a student, this is more practical as you save money. You also save time cleaning and you can allocate this time to other important things.

#5 Freedom

Landlords are usually not strict with their tenants. Their only usual concerns are that their tenants pay on time and keep the units clean and in good shape. They usually give their tenants privacy and freedom to do whatever they want. So, for students who are used to spending time with friends outside, this is a good place to stay. Compared to campus dormitories that have curfews, you can have more freedom in renting studio apartments.

Find the perfect place to stay at

There are many housing options for students in Singapore. You just have to find what is perfect for you. Look for something that perfectly fits your lifestyle and budget. In SRX Property, we can help you land the unit you’ve been looking for.