3 Reasons Why Your Home Ac Unit Is Short Cycling

An AC that wouldn’t start is bound to make you call up your AC servicing guy, especially if you live in a place like Florida. However, the AC in your Largo home might still need a repair even if it is apparently running because optimum performance is very different from ‘just doing the job.’ Short cycling is one such problem when your AC’s cooling cycle shuts down prematurely and then starts again. But short cycling problems are not easy to detect and may occur due to a number of reasons. Here are three reasons why your HVAC unit is turning on and off frequently:

1. Electrical Issues

Electrical problems may arise from faulty connections, run capacitor, thermostat, and circuit boards. A thermostat, which is an essential component of an AC, can lead to irregular cycling. Poor-quality circuit boards with bad connections also result in short cycling. Electrical connections too can lose signals between circuit boards, relays, and the thermostat, affecting AC performance. Start capacitors help your HVAC unit to start. However, it may begin to malfunction if you have a weak capacitor that stops the unit from operating. Your HVAC unit may start but may turn off suddenly and cease to work due to a faulty capacitor.

2. Overpowered HVAC System

If you have a heating and cooling unit that is overpowered for your home, you may face AC short cycling problems. In such a situation, the machine will cool or heat the room fast but will turn off suddenly only to switch after a couple of minutes. You will have to replace the entire unit if overpowering is an issue. However, you can consult a technician to learn about some cost-effective options. Therefore, you must always choose the right-sized AC when you are installing it for the first time. An oversized machine will damage the AC’s other components, resulting in a breakdown. An oversized HVAC unit will also create humidity issues. A humid room creates hot air pockets as the moisture absorbs the heat.

3. Excessive Heating

Your AC may start and shut down abruptly and start operating less efficiently due to overheating. Your HVAC unit may shut down because of a faulty compressor, dirty coils and filters, frozen coils, and low refrigerant levels. If the unit is overheated, the Freon will interfere with your AC compressor, resulting in a malfunctioning unit. The compressor is a fundamental part of your heating and cooling system, and if damaged, the unit may start and shut down more frequently than usual. It is a serious issue, and you may require extensive repair or a complete replacement. A faulty compressor will overheat and clogged filters will prevent airflow, causing the motor to overheat. Frozen coils and low Freon will not let the system absorb the heat. It will force the motors to exert more pressure on the AC and overheat to perform better.

Short cycling will increase your monthly power bills. If you are like most other homeowners in Florida, you are probably already struggling with electricity bills, especially during the summer months. If you suspect that your AC is short cycling, contact a Largo AC repair center to address the issue. The quick start and shutdown of an AC unit lead to unexpected bursts of energy. When the machine works harder and works for a short span at optimal power, it leads to high electricity bills. The amount of power consumed depends on the thermostat. You can prevent cycling issues with periodic maintenance. Consider opting for an annual maintenance plan to keep your AC up and running throughout the year. A technician will also let you know how to care for your HVAC unit.

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