3 Key Ecommerce Success Factors You Must Know About

Have you ever wondered which key factors will determine your success in ecommerce in the near future?

You’re not alone.

This is one thing with which many businesses struggle, for two main reasons.

1. Many factors influence customer engagement and sales in ecommerce.

2. It takes a lot of money and time to test each of these factors and find the key determiners.

With that said, now you don’t have to worry about doing the research yourself.

The following infographic from a team gathered around an amicable project called Subscriptionly shows, in very clear terms, which trends will determine the future of ecommerce. Just follow this advice, and you’ll be fine.

Personalized experience, multiple shopping channels, and customer service are set to play a more significant role in ecommerce than some others.

Let’s take a brief look at how these trends will shape the future of ecommerce.

· Personalized Experience

Reports showthat 41% of consumers switched over poor personalization companies, which in and of itself is a testament to the importance of using ecommerce personalization.

But what is ecommerce personalization?

It means that showing individualized product recommendations, offers, and other content to consumers based on their demographic, previous actions, and personal data.

If until now you’ve not paid much attention to ecommerce personalization, it’s high time you start working on it. This factor alone can help guarantee your success in ecommerce, with reports predicting a 15% profit boost by 2020 for businesses that are good at this aspect of their business.

Multiple Shopping Channels

Today’s consumers want businesses to give them more than one shopping channel. If you’re not offering more channels, you’re surely losing revenue.

However, if you can do this right, you are all set for considerable gains in the near future. According to latest research, businesses offering consumers 4 or more digital channels will perform 300% better than those offering one or two channels.

·Customer Service Automation

Another thing vital to consumers is speedy customer service, with 69% of online shoppers ascribing their good customer experience to prompt resolution of their issue.

Apart from these, many other trends will play a role in ecommerce in the future. To know more about the three discussed determiners and all the other ones, check out this infographic.

URL: https://subscriptionly.net/60-stats-trends-that-will-define-the-future-of-e-commerce/

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