3 Best Fun Software you need to Install on your PC

Having an excellent PC to get your work done is something we expect while buying one. However, the rest of the time while you are not doing your work or already finished so that you can do the more creative things with it is something you might wanna try. To get this done or to make your PC more fun you must have installed these three marvelous Softwares on your PC.

  1. Steam

If gaming is your hobby then Steam is kind of platform you can have as heaven, Else, its something you can explore all the way to fun. Steam gives you Instant access to games, there are the variety of games from the variety of categories which you can play right after installation. It also gives you the list of trending once which you can try.

The best part is that Steam is multiplatform so it doesn’t matter whether you’re on a PC, Mac, Linux box, mobile device, or even your television, you can enjoy the benefits of Steam. However, Steam is not yet available or supported on Linux so if you are more into Linux then you need to wait for a while. Steam asks you to have minimum system requirements of 512MB RAM, 1 GHz or any faster processor to make your gameplay more supportive and fluent.

  1. MorphVox

If you are an Internet user and social on the internet then you must be chatting with other using some social media software such as messengers, Skype, and another VoIP medium. But the things is, how you can make it more fun, and this time you will get MprphVox. MorphVox is an which includes amazing voice effects which you can use to make horror voices, funny, and filthy voices over your VoIP medium and make your friends, family, and colleague in wonder from where the voice is coming exactly. It seems way more fun in trying and using different voices time to time. It’s not like, you have changed it once before starting the call and now will be the only voice effect in which you will talk to next person over voice or video, instead, you have the run-time voice changing options, so you can switch from different voices and effects.

The basic options or effects you will get here are, Child effects, Men, Woman, Demon, I Robot, Alien, Droid, Dark emperor effects and so on. When it comes to the platform it supports then it can be used on messaging programs such as Skype, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, AIM, XFire, GoogleTalk, Roger Wilco and many others.

  1. ManyCam

Pretty much similar to MorphVox when it comes to adding effects but this time you have visual effects. To spend more fun time in video calls rather than just showing the same face of yours to your loved one, you can add effects to your face while having video calls using some of the supported video calling software by Manycam. The number of visual effects over your face using Manycam are, funny faces, horror, adding accessories, changing skin color, changing hair color, adding more hair, adding a beard and so on.

Along with effects making it gives you High-quality live video, Webcasts & Live Streaming, and Screen & Video Recording as well. Also, you can use ManyCam for Game streaming, Video conferences, Online training & courses, Web events/webinars too. You can broadcast to multiple channels simultaneously. Use ManyCam to live stream on multiple platforms at the same time.

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So, these are the three must installed software which you need to try. These are the freemium software in which you can use them for a certain amount of feature, however, for exploring them more, Or to use advanced features by them you can buy one of their paid plans.

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