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10 Things To Consider Before Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

Before you buy marijuana seeds online, it is important to take into account the style of growing, available space, flowering time, odor, size of the plant at full size, cannabis variety, cannabinoid concentrations, and other factors to grow healthy cannabis plants. Let’s go over them one by one to keep you aware and informed


  1. Grow Style 


First and foremost, it is crucial to consider the growing style (outdoor or indoor growing) when choosing a cannabis strain to grow. Some marijuana plants grow better in various scenarios. For instance, Marijuana Venture agrees that autoflowering plants are suitable for indoor growing because of their short stature and they work well with a sea of green or SOG scenario because they tend to bud quickly regardless of the light conditions. If you prefer outdoor growing, choose strains that are more resistant to pests and mold, such as a Skunk strain. To save space, you can use the Low-Stress Training or LST method without stressing the plants too much.


  1. Available Space 


Don’t buy strains that grow too big if you want to grow indoors. Autoflowering cannabis plants are manageable, compact, and small that don’t rely on normal light cycles. Some growing techniques take advantage of available space better than others.


  1. Odor of the Marijuana Plant


Before you buy marijuana seeds online, you have to consider the odor of a plant. You can choose strains with fruity scents that mimic pineapple or strawberry aromas.  Keep pungent strains minimal if you live nearby neighbors or tenants like a condo or an apartment. Expect to spend money to buy the equipment necessary to circulate air better to evacuate the pungent smell of your grow room.


  1. Flowering Time 


Know when the bud is mature and ripe for harvesting. If you don’t investigate the flowering length, it can lead to a lengthy wait or picking the buds too soon, causing THC content perturbations. This could result in decreased production of your cannabis plant. Most marijuana seeds have listed flowering time on their packaging or seed bank’s website. If you leave the buds on the plant for too long, they will decay and the cannabinoids will degrade, most especially THC.


  1. Your Target Audience


What is your personal preference? Well, it goes a long way when you’re making a decision what cannabis strains to grow. Of course, you want to grow buds that you and your customers would smoke. If you are a commercial grower, you need to know the most in-demand strains by checking with your local dispensary or interviewing clients. Don’t hesitate to diversify for different occasions. Always keep track of the strains that sells the best.


  1. Cannabinoid Concentration 


The cannabinoid concentrations, including THC, CBD, and CBN, should also be considered. Many people like high THC level. High CBD strains are the best for medical cannabis users, most especially for treating pain. Every recreational or medical user has personal preferences. While others want a cerebral high, others want to simply relax. The cannabinoid concentration determines the quality of a bud. You have to ensure that your customers get what they expect.


  1. Terpenes


Check the terpenes of the specific cannabis strains you are planning to buy. Expert users and growers know what the cannabis will smell and smoke like. Cannabis plants with high levels of Mycrene result in faster highs. On the other hand, Borneol is used as a sedative for relaxation. Cineole or Eucalyptol is responsible for the marijuana’s uplifting effects. Proper curing and drying are the key steps to achieve terpene preservation.


  1. Feminized Seeds 


A feminized strain is a good choice. You don’t have to worry about male cannabis plants. These marijuana seeds can guarantee female plants. Say goodbye to sexing plants and stunted growth. If you’re buying seeds online, prioritize feminized seeds for a more successful result.


  1. AutofloweringSeeds 


If you want to grow cannabis all year round, autoflowering strains are your best choice. Autoflowering cannabis or Cannabis ruderalis is a Russian or eastern European marijuana strain that has been introduced to the sativa and indica world. It begins to flower based on age and not on the light. Most autos are resistant to mold.


  1. Breeder or Seed Bank


One of the most important considerations when purchasing cannabis seeds online is choosing the right breeder or seed bank. At the moment, there are hundreds of websites offering cannabis seeds. It is overwhelming to choose because of the great deals they are offering to their customers like free seeds and free shipping. Here are the important considerations when choosing a seed bank or online vendor:


  1. Safety and Security. Check the privacy settings and terms of the company. Do they offer a money back guarantee? Is the website safe and secure? Is it SSL secured?


  1. Reputation. To check the reputation of a seed bank, you can read customer testimonials on different channels like social media, real customers, and search engines.


  1. Customer Service. Even if a seed bank offers high-quality cannabis seeds, customer service is still a differentiating factor when choosing one. Can you reach the company if anything happens to your seeds along the way? Do they have a phone number to call, email, or chat support? It’s good to be able to talk to someone from the company if you have issues with the seeds you just bought.


  1. Price.Compare the prices of one vendor to another. Expensive seeds don’t always equate to high-quality cannabis seeds. Check the product specifications to ensure quality as well as reviews from previous customers. It is challenging to buy cannabis seeds online if you don’t know the market value of each strain. You may end up spending more if you just give in to whatever prices that are available.




Before you buy marijuana seeds online, keep the above-mentioned considerations in mind. An informed buyer tends to be a smart grower to obtain the best product quality and yield. You are now more confident to deal with different online vendors if you know what and where to look for. Happy growing!


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